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  1. Aus traveller, I'm an Aussie & I've saved your information for when we get to do the round oz trip. Thank you🙂
  2. Do you like Mighty Mite the gf substitute for Vegemite. I know you can get gf Vegemite now but haven't bothered switching back. Good with cheese on a cracker🧀
  3. Yes I know the big shop on Caloundra Rd next to hubby's favourite shop😂
  4. Good luck on your travels. We are booked to travel to Tassie in less then 2 weeks for a 2 week motorhome trip, I have everything crossed😁
  5. 3 days a week is a good effort. Are they still at Centerpoint? I use to volunteer around the corner at Save the children, there for 14 years.
  6. I think a bread maker would be good if I went through more bread a week. I imagine it would get very expensive if you had a couple of growing coeliac children, lucky for us our daughter was diagnosed in her 20's.
  7. Yep we certainly get ripped off that's for sure. Have you tried Aldi seeded bread only $3.90 bargain 🤣 We live in a regional town & even our little Woolies has gf rolls, gf cakes (they are new) pizza, a pretty good selection really. Lucky for me I only go through one loaf of bread a week.
  8. The Abbott's bakery seeded gf bread is really good untoasted if you are lucky enough to get a frozen one that hasn't been on the shelf forever. But I know what you mean otherwise...poor us😏
  9. Yes we need to keep everything crossed i think.🤞 We only made full payment on the 6th, so now we just wait & see what happens. We live 2.5 hours north of Brisbane so aren't in lockdown ourselves.
  10. Hi there, how do you think your chances of going to Tasmania are now? We have also booked & paid for air & a motor home for February for my 60th...should have been a cruise. Anyway not feeling very encouraged today after Brisbane going into lockdown😨 We only booked in November when everything seemed safer & brighter.
  11. Thanks for that. I look forward to seeing what Princess has for 2nd half 2022.
  12. We also want to do this cruise in 2022, well I do😁 dh would have to come along too as it would be for our 40th. Any idea when later 2022 would be released please?
  13. We got a credit with 1cover for our cancelled Europe trip, have until September next year to apply it to something. Would be happy if they decide to refund us like insure & go.
  14. I just had exactly the same problem. I had a price, really liked it & then click $500 more per person. I tried twice & gave up. I had the black Friday sale email that I went through as well😡
  15. Hi everyone I haven't been on for a little while & the site has obviously changed. I'm asking this here because it's the only notification I have. How do I actually find the Australian NZ forum please?
  16. It'll be great when the whole country opens up, I just wondered why she would back track on what she's been saying all along.
  17. Election is Oct 31st. Not sure why it would open before when she stated all along it wouldn't.
  18. Yes I reckon you could be very thirsty. It's well worth it I think.
  19. The extra is you get the drinks package with the plus fare, & unlimited wifi. I know on a 10 night cruise it works out about $40 a day which is about half price to paying on board for the drink package. 3 wines & 2 nice coffees there's my drink package payed for already 😄 Enjoy planning your cruise.
  20. Would be way too cold for me as well. I'm happy looking at the ocean don't need to hop in. With the shark attacks of late I'd rather hop in a spa or pool😱
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