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  1. Holy Roller Just wondering if you have been told yet whether we are going through the old or new canal? Also do you or anyone else have any idea what the weather is likely to be going down the columbian and equator coast after the hot steamy Cartagena and Panama. Just wondering if some warmer clothes will be necessary? Lima says 20c and cloudy but its generally cooler out at sea?
  2. Holy Roller thanks for the info so far. Can I ask if you have any more updates on how it works to get a booking at the Chef's table, Lumiere and Tepanyaki? Is there a preference given to rooms and if you have journeyed with Scenic before? or just a bun fight and get in there quick? Also would be interested to hear that now you are in warmer climes if there is outdoor eating? And are the hot tubs and pools now all up and running with loungers on decks to enjoy the sun?
  3. Thanks so much for all your exhaustive information especially the last one regarding evening attire. Whilst we do not subscribe to ball gowns and tiaras we do like to dress smartly for dinner and to be quite honest do not appreciate it when people pitch up at an expensive restaurant (be it on a cruise ship or not) in trainers, baggy jeans etc as this totally ruins the ambiance and experience. We shall be boarding in a few weeks and will certainly update on our experience
  4. RockyandMoose Really appreciate all the information and time you are taking to pass this over especially with regard to booking the restaurants and cooking classes. I did note on the video that there is obviously still a problem with hot tubs and pool as empty, but I also noted that there didn't seem to be any sun loungers or much outside seating and eating? Is your cruise full as it seemed like there was no one around? Finally is the use of sauna and spa complimentary apart from treatments? Many thanks once again
  5. Hi I'm looking at this cruise and were wondering if this itinerary has been done before and if anyone has insites into how good the ports of call are especially Phillipino ones. Many thanks in advance
  6. There is a good article in Times today by travel writer who boarded her in Rotterdam. He did comment on there was still a fair amount to be completed re artwork and finished furnishings but commented on how sleek she was. The sub is $250 for 20 mins and helicopter is $350 for 20 mins. Love the sound of the restaurants. Can’t wait 😊
  7. We went on a river cruise with Scenic a few years ago and they were then and now really bad with customer communication etc. However their onboard experience was excellent and hence why we have opted to go with them on the Eclipse despite the delay by 1 year. I'm feeling quite confident now that it will sail and hopefully a great experience will be had by all 🤞. The outside looks as sleek and magnificent as advertised but just wish we could now get a view of the inside. BTW we will be on the Cartagena to Lima leg so see you onboard hopefully
  8. All looking good for launch but I wish they would give us some inside/onboard shots 🤷‍♀️
  9. Totally agree with you Carol. There were one or two who were particularly getting on my nerves with their almost hysterical ranting! We were supposed to sail on the original Panama Canal cruise last year, but we received our monies back in full and a discount on another cruise so we decided to book again for this year 29th October 2019. It is now looking like we will be going and I'm sure this ship is going to be amazing 😃
  10. https://www.scenic.co.uk/news/2019/04/scenic-eclipse-progress-report Sounds like despite all the naysayers there is a good chance this ship will sail 😝
  11. FYI our friends are on the BA flight that arrives 15:15 so they will be in same boat as you if things go pear shaped. Dare I say weather forecast is looking ok, no snow or fog so that shouldn't impact on flights.
  12. If you buy the cruise fly option, Seabourn's flight arrive at the same time and day as the poster of this thread advertises ! They don't come in 1 day before.
  13. Thanks for the link Isklaar, looks absolutely fine although did like the walk in wardrobe on the normal veranda suites, but being high should give us a fine view as we are on Deck 9. Looking forward to a week of sunshine, good food and drink whats not good about that 😁.
  14. So is it smaller than the normal veranda suite? Not worried about the bath but will miss the walk in wardrobe. Looking at deck plans it would seem we are first cabin, so wondering if that is good or bad for using the veranda? Thanks
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