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  1. Waterbug, I wouldn't be taking a risk at all--as stated, I had PLENTY in my carry-on. I just wanted to be extra-safe and carry a few more in packed luggage.
  2. Whoops, you are correct--I used the wrong wording!
  3. If I have a passport, do I need to bring my marriage license? I'm assuming not, but just want to check. Thanks!
  4. Do you take the extra ones in your checked luggage?
  5. I do plan to carry plenty in my carry-on. I would also like some in my checked luggage. I am just asking if Royal Caribbean would have any problem with that: I know it sounds silly, but a friend suggested that possibly the Epipens would be confiscated once the bags are checked, so now I'm just a little worried.
  6. I will be travelling with my two daughters who have severe food allergies. We will have Epipens in our carry-ons. However, I want to bring extra Epipens. I plan to pack several extra packs in my checked luggage; is this okay? I don't know if Royal Caribbean goes through our luggage, but I am assuming that they would not have a problem with Epipens in our suitcases. Is that correct? Would it matter if the Epipens are not in their original boxes? We don't always keep the boxes. Thank you for your help.
  7. Honestly, I don't like the early or late traditional dining times. I like MTD and don't mind picking the same time each night. I was just hoping to hear that they can deal with food allergies in MTD (so I don't have to pick a traditional dining time).
  8. I know that there is a special kitchen where they prepare the special meals for those with allergies. Are you saying that, if we have MTD, that the meals wouldn't be prepared in that special kitchen?
  9. This is what I remember from when we cruised in 2010. But, I got concerned when their email said we should select traditional dining to get the same waiters. So, I wasn't sure if things were different now with MTD than they used to be. So, to clarify, with MTD, they will still work with us to get us the same wait staff each night? I really appreciate your help; it is stressful dining with food allergies.
  10. We will be sailing on Anthem of the Seas in August. My two daughters have severe food allergies and we wrote the Special Needs department to alert them. They said that we should select traditional dining, but only late dining is available and that doesn't work for my elderly mother. I know they want us to select a set dining time so that we will have the same waiters every night. My question--if we have My Time Dining, can we schedule the same waiters for every night? We cruised several years back and were able to have the same waiters every night when we had MTD. Has something changed, or should this still be possible? Thank you for your help.
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