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  1. New to Regent. We are thinking of taking a cruise and have looked at the Mariner Suite on the Mariner. My question- is the sofa in the living area a full size or a loveseat? Thank you in advance.
  2. We are both Pinnacle and Zenith because we love to cruise . We could care less about the pins and just enjoy our time on the ships. I truly hope that cruising will continue at some point so everyone can enjoy the ships and ports no matter what line they choose.
  3. Thank you. I also notice on the deck plans that there is an L In the cabin. What does this reference? I assume it means lift but this suite in on one level.
  4. New to Cunard but not new to cruising. I see on a deck plan that the above suites are above the commodore club. Is this an evening music venue and will we hear the music?Also, the suites are under the Atlantic Room near the stairs. What is the a AR used for and is there dead space with it? thank you in advance. We would like a quiet suite.
  5. Upwarduk. I also have a mini that lost sound. I put rice in a plastic container and carefully placed the iPad on top and closed the lid for 24 hrs. The sound returned.
  6. Did you stay in this cabin recently? Thanks.
  7. We are looking into booking the above cabin. I do remember that someone wrote that there was a sewage odor in this cabin. Has anyone recently stayed in 6134 and if so were there any problems? Thank you in advance.
  8. We will be in this cabin and want to know if the sofa is L shape in the living room. thank you in advance.
  9. New to Regent. Someone mentioned that the hotel director’s name is Andreas. What is his last name please? Thank you in advance.
  10. New to princess but not new to cruising. We booked the above suite and I would like to know if the living room has a full size sofa or a small loveseat. I have looked at YouTube and the sofa looks very small to me. Thank you in advance.
  11. We got off the Equinox yesterday and my husband and I had a fabulous cruise. We are close to 100 cruises. We were in a suite and ate in Luminae for most dinners which were very good with outstanding service. Our state room attendant did an excellent job. We thought Tuscan’s food has gone downhill over the past year. We tried Tuscan on 3 different ships with the same result. Murano’s was superb. We are returning to the Equinox in 5 weeks and just booked another cruise with this ship for December.
  12. New to Regent but my husband and I are seasoned cruisers. We are looking at the Mariner Suite on the Mariner. Is the living room sofa full size or is it a loveseat? Some photos show a 3 seater and others show a loveseat. Thank you in advance.
  13. My husband and I also had Edwin and he was always “out for the day “and did not return phone calls, send emails or try to contact us. We were very disappointed with him. Maybe Celebrity should talk to him.
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