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  1. I can't believe I'm getting involved in this, but I wanted to answer a question related to door decorating at hotels. I don't door decorate. It's not my "thing", but if it's allowed, I could care less if other people do. I responded to all of this to say that people actually do decorate at hotels and resorts. I've seen it with larger family groups who are celebrating a birthday or special occasion. They decorate the door of the person celebrating and they sometimes also decorate the doors of those traveling with them. It helps the family members find each others rooms in the hotel without needing a written list of who is where. If you have ever been to a hotel or resort when a travel sports team, dance team, cheer team, etc. is there, these families decorate doors and sometimes go all out covering the entire door. The athlete's name and number are frequently on the door in addition to other decorations. Siblings and parents of the athletes make door decorations prior to the competition/tournament and decorate all of the doors for the entire team and coaches. They think it's fun, a great way to celebrate the players and it's the way that teammates can find each other in the hotel without driving the front desk staff crazy. Hotels will often no longer tell kids what rooms their friends are in. Those kids aren't carrying around a paper list with room numbers on it. The alternative is that they knock on all of the doors on the floor until they find who they are looking for. It upsets other hotel guests and then the front desk gets angry calls. So door decorating does happen at hotels.
  2. We are cruising with our pre-teen and teen kids to Bermuda in just a few weeks. My kids are pretty active (hiking, camping, sports playing, dancing, rock wall climbing, kayaking, water slide riding) types of kids at home. This is their first cruise. We've cruised without them. Have you done the Bermuda cruise without scheduling excursions? If so, what did your teen kids like best in Bermuda? If not, what excursions worked best for you and your kids?
  3. Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to book as soon as I get on board. Thanks!
  4. Hello. We're first time NCL cruisers and haven't cruised since before our kids were born. Now that our kids are teens, we are booking our first cruise with them. We just booked a July cruise on the Escape and want to book a dinner at Teppanyaki for a special birthday while on board. It seems that booking for specialty dining opened up a few weeks before we booked. There doesn't seem to be availability for 4 at Teppanyaki when attempting to book on-line. Will we be able to book as soon as we get on the ship or should we come up with another plan? I know it's a popular venue. Thanks!
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