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  1. What health experts could be advising them that South America is going to be problematic into 2022 but sailing into the USA in the spring of 2021 is not problematic, or at least not problematic enough to cancel Transatlantic crossings? The QM2 South America cancellation was a pure $$$ decision, not a health one. I would be less upset by it if not for Palethorpe's offensive video announcing it and Cunard's abominable treatment of those of us who paid deposits on South America in good faith.
  2. If Cunard keep treating customers the way they treated passengers booked for the QM2 South American voyages there certainly will be a lot less people sailing on them in future.
  3. I've seen enough of the 2022 QM2 WC plans revealed. Our South American segment booking is worthless, dumped by Cunard!
  4. Disappointment is too charitable a word to describe my reaction to Mr Palethorpe's video announcing these changes. He "recognizes" the "immense disappointment" of those who booked to take QM2 to Australia in 2021. But there is not a word of recognition for the disappointment of passengers booked on QM2 to/from South America in 2022 whom he just dumped. He is "delighted" to announce QM2 will do a WC to Australia in 2022 and, by his silence, presumably equally "delighted" to tell customers booked for SouthAmerica in 2022 that they can get lost, their bookings are just dumped.
  5. Don't give up! We have the same love of QM2 as you and are still booked on a Montevideo - New York WC leg in 2022. We had a spring TA cancelled and we took the credit....we're thinking of using it for an upgrade of the 3 week WC leg. I'm optimistic. A vaccine in 2021 and things back to a more familiar but 'new' normal in 2022. Let's hope.
  6. I've never understood why Cunard didn't "persuade" the Bermudan government to open a ship registration office in Southampton, Bermuda.
  7. Manchester's service to North America pales in comparison to Heathrow. It's not even close in terms of diversity of cities served and frequency of North American air service.
  8. We were booked on the May 6 crossing on QM2. We will just sit tight and take the 125% credit. The money was budgeted and has been spent so a 25% return for a future voyage seems like a good deal. Yes, there's some risk but it's a gamble we can afford to lose. I think the cruise companies will get bailed out and Carnival Corp and Cunard will survive. And I think there will be some amazing deals on the other side of this shutdown. If we don't book something for 2021 Cunard's 'use it' dates very conveniently will let us apply the credit to a February 21, 2022, voyage
  9. Which part of the Channel tunnel do you not get? Anybody in Western Europe can easily take a train to London and on to Southampton so the non UK/US passengers could be from half a dozen or more countries in Western Europe. And it is possible for Canadians in the Eastern part of the country to easily travel to New York without flying. They, too, would qualify as non UK/US. The world doesn't totally revolve around the US and UK and those fortunate enough not to originate in either are not all bloody minded.
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