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  1. well then maybe you should tell us what's going on
  2. I wonder why the mods can't come on this thread and throw us a bone
  3. when the advertisers start dropping out, maybe they will more anxious to fix it
  4. here we go again, someone needs to hire a new IT guy or gal
  5. We loved Alaska, but the ship's interior is packed, not many people sitting by the pool. The excursions are so different than the Caribbean. We wished we stopped every day. If you are stopping in Canada, you will need a passport to get off the ship.
  6. it's pathetic, think they would have figured it out by now, and no updates from powers above.
  7. coevan

    Carnival Excursions Question

    Go to : https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/ the shore excursions are much more detailed, less expensive, less people and more fun. You WILL get back to the ship in time, that's what they do for a living. They have price guarantee, don't pay in advance, and they guarantee you return to the ship. We have used them dozens of times on many islands. They are a very professional organization.
  8. coevan

    Carnival Dream Steakhouse

    as Bury me says you apy after you eat, just like a restaurant.
  9. coevan

    Taxes on drinks?

    The taxes stop when you leave the dock.
  10. coevan

    Carnival Dream Steakhouse

    They are not going to charge your account twice. Yes, you can go to the Steakhouse without reservations. Think of it as a restaurant.
  11. One of us wait on the deli or pizza line and the other gets drinks. We meet in the middle
  12. coevan

    Shareholder onboard credit

    I printed my Fidelity statement and blacked out everything but my name, address, CCL and shares.
  13. I have never seen cocktail servers in the Lido Buffett, probably have to get your own drinks
  14. coevan

    Flight times

    This might require a passport if your next port is a foreign port.
  15. coevan


    good for them, completely inappropriate to be in an eating area without a shirt