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  1. Why anyone would choose a cruise over an A.I. In this virus situation is beyond me. 400 people on 500 acres or 4000 people on 1000’. As I am on Sandals FB page, the resorts are open and operating with protocols. Some island are easier to get in than others, check the State Department website.
  2. No, you can not cash it out, it’s “on board” credit, not an ATM
  3. Impossible to do the PCR has the results take way to long. We are going to Jamaica in December and we have to be tested 2-10 days before arriving. A few badly infected states have stricter entry restrictions, like NY, Texas and Florida.
  4. If my math is correct and they can do the test in 15 minutes, 3,000 tests would take 45,000 minutes or 750 hours, even a 5 minute test would be 250 hours.
  5. BVI did not say cruise ships are welcome. They have stringent testing procedures and in some cases quarantine. I doubt they will let 3,000 people into the BVI all at once.
  6. They are also showing September sailings, which we know are not real, October is somewhat doubtful as well
  7. The only mask shortage are N 95, standard paper and cloth are plentiful
  8. If you like diving or snorkeling ABC’s are the best. I could totally do without the Dominican Republic
  9. In the U.S.? Doubtful many Caribbean islands will still have limited entry requirements, not set up for 1000’s entering at once
  10. Come on man, nothing nefarious, if they knew more, they would have better guidelines
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