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  1. pretty sure they understand, no bread please. I always get the turkey without mustard (YUK) and get mayo, never had a communication problem.
  2. We like the first night as sometimes the MDR is a little crazy with newbees.
  3. We have not sailed MSC but have done extensive research on status match and YC. We have done many Carnival balconies and they are all the same. The YC was way more expensive and the YC status match is useless even as a Platinum. All the Platinum beefits are already included in YC. The phone customer service was excellent. Honestly, there is no comparison to the amenities of the YC. We like the pampering.
  4. Steakhouse would be much better for a birthday. We love and do both on every cruise. Too much going on with Chef's table and you're eating with a bunch of strangers.
  5. Thank you to all the cruise critic doctors. 😇
  6. We usually treat GT as a ship day anyway. We might do a morning dive on the wall and back on the ship before lunch.
  7. I agree as no one lives there so the risk of infection is contained to the cruise ship and crew. I do believe there are people who commute by boat for excursions and such, but still pretty safe
  8. they are offering bookings, means nothing, nobody is sailing yet
  9. sorry to the moderators and anyone offended, didn't mean to
  10. The lack of leadership is what lead to the U.S. being the worst infected on the planet
  11. yes it is, check Google, we have very good friends we were to visit and they think the fall might be a stretch
  12. I seriously hope you are not referring the Corona Virus as "nonsense"?
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