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  1. On Allure last October it was one punch no matter what size you ordered. It may vary sailing to sailing - or how nice you are to your barista from the get go 😉 I have only had one time where they have used more than one punch for a specialty coffee and that was on Rhapsody. If you don't use the entire card on your sailing, hang on to it. It took me 3 sailings to finally get the last punch.
  2. On Allure this past October the Matre' de was doing this. He had a wonderful voice!
  3. That's pretty funny. Sounds like something my friends would do.
  4. Thanks for the day by days and all of the great photos. Safe travels home.
  5. I was on Adventure 3 weeks ago and they were installing new slots along the back wall by Schooner. I would guess, from what I saw, about 10-20 new ones.
  6. We were on Allure a few months ago and had a wonderful meal at Sabor. We thought the quality of the food was excellent. I would not hesitate booking it again.
  7. Loved your review. My best friend and I will be sailing on Liberty for the first time in October. Looking forward to the new water slides.
  8. I was in Labadee in October - thinking this is one smart dog as he was hanging around the buffet at Columbus Cove.
  9. Condolences to Jim's family. I always looked forward to his cruise posts. He was a great storyteller. May have to go home and have a cream cheese, sausage and grape jelly sandwich in his honor.
  10. Following along. Adventure will be a new ship for me - sailing on the 19th. Looking forward to your posts! Have a great cruise 🏝️🛳️
  11. Thanks for another wonderful review. You think I would learn not to read these while at work. 🤣
  12. Nice tux picture. Bond... James Bond. Or is it Rico Suave? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Sobering picture. It is amazing how a single picture can say so much. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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