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  1. Hi Shelia, Yes, would love the information on both the hotel and the pub. My daughter is married to a Brit although she lives in US now . We have been to England a few time and love the pubs there ( especially the fish and chips). I enjoy reading your posts on CC. We used to live in FL but relocated about 10 years to GA. I miss some things about FL. but not the hurricanes. pat ( aka Snorkle lover).
  2. Thank you, jhenry, I found it. Looks like it is Hotel Westbury Mayfair. It looks lovely although like anything it could always change. I also looked at the Intercontinental and that also looks wonderful. Right now I would be happy with a Motel 6 since we haven't been anywhere in over a year.
  3. We are booked for a cruise in September 2021 ( Splendor) that starts in Southhampton. Does anybody know which hotel Regent usually uses for a one night pre stay prior to the cruise leaving? Just hoping in a year from now, cruises will be sailing. Thank you
  4. Pcardad, Sorry but I should have been a bit clearer. The cruise I am referring to is September 22, 2021. I agree the next six months for cruising is very doubtful. However, this cruise is a year away!! Are people getting cold feet??
  5. I just happened to take a quick peek on the Regent website and found something a bit worrisome. A few days ago ( maybe a week) our Splendor Cruise leaving on September 22 ( London to Barcelona) was completely Wait Listed except for one category that I believe said Available. Today I looked again and now there are 4 categories that say Available. Two of the categories being the Concierge D and E. Has anyone noticed anything similar happening in upcoming 2021 cruises?
  6. Thank you both Latserrof and ABoatNerd for your comments and insights. The good news is that our final payment for the Sept. 2021 cruise is not due until the end of May ( and perhaps they will give us more time) . A lot can and may change between now and then. However, if things are not looking a WHOLE lot better we may cancel. So, in the meantime, I am considering other options.
  7. ABoatNerd, I spend way more time reading on this board than I probably should but I did find your comments interesting. We are booked on the Splendor in September 2021 but I am beginning wonder if this cruise will compare, in any way, to the one and only wonderful cruise we took on the Explorer ( in the Med) in 2018. We also had two RSSC cruises canceled for 2020. Granted Regent ships are on the small size compared to the mega ships that can haul around many thousands. However, looking at the total number of passengers and crew it seems the Splendor, when fully booked, can carry about 1,300. That being said ( hopefully I won't be chastised) I am beginning to think that other modes of travel might be better for us ( being young at heart but in our 70s). The average number of people on a European river cruise is 150 ( not sure about the number of crew). I think the average for a land tour is 25 to 80 depending on the company and the type of tour. Right now I am musing on the subject. We are looking forward to sailing on the Splendor next year but the reality of this cruise being such a different experience keeps cropping up in my head. Will all modes of travel require masks in a year, how will social distancing work ( on a ship elevator, on a bus)? I am desperate to travel ( in 2021) and have something to look forward to so any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Absolutely agree with Marc since we were also thinking about reserving one of these excursions ( evening dinner/tour of a Chateau). Thank you VJMAZZ. The excitement is starting to build since we are able to reserve our excursions next month.The itinerary looks wonderful and the weather should be good. We are hoping against hope that this cruise will go since we had two canceled this year.
  9. Alainciao, Yes indeed, dinner at the chateau sounds delightful. Since we can reserve our excursions in September, I plan on doing my research and using my free time ( of which I have a lot these days) to decide what we would like to see/do in each port. The planning and anticipation is such a big part of traveling and we have quite a long time to do both for this cruise.
  10. Flossie, That sounds like a very sensible idea to me and we just might go ahead and do that. I think I will just be as positive as possible and start looking at the excursions which we can reserve next month for the September 2021 cruise.
  11. Crruiseluv, Which cruise did you cancel ...the May 31 on Navigator?
  12. Doubts are beginning to arise ,in my head, over the viability of our cruise ( London to Barcelona) in September 2021 actually sailing. That being said, I am thinking of moving our deposit to a March 2022 Tokyo to Tokyo cruise, if there is availability. I am not sure if we could even do this. Anyone else feeling doubtful about the later part of 2021 being cruising as it once was? Sure wish I had a crystal ball 🤣 lol!
  13. Hi alainciao, We are also booked on the Splendor cruise in September ( London to Barcelona). I need to look at the excursions, dinning at French chateau sounds wonderful. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this cruise goes.
  14. 1982 CruzStart, I apologize because I do not know how to quote a response and reply so I really messed up. Your trip Vancouver to Tokyo sounds wonderful and I agree about only having one flight, we also prefer a direct flight. We are hoping that we will be able to have a direct flight to London and a direct flight back home from Barcelona. Time will tell. We also loved the Explorer and are excited to sail on the new Splendor. Yes, Splendor definitely has low knots on her. Fingers and toes crossed for a better travel year in 2021.
  15. 1982 CruzStart, We are booked for September 2021 as well. Ours is on the Splendor London to Barcelona. How about you? We have just been on one Regent cruise on the Explorer and we were hooked on Regent. We had one cruise canceled in April ( Barcelona to Lisbon) and we canceled one going in September ( Rome to Athens) prior to Regent canceling. So, like so many we are in cruise withdrawal. That being said , we are blessed and happy to still be healthy ( and over 70). We are hoping that by the time September 2021 rolls around ,we can cruise without masks and social distancing other wise we will not be going. I doubt I am the only one feeling like that. I fully understand that others may feel differently and that is their choice. We love to travel and enjoy cruising which is such a relaxing way to see the world. So now I am thinking about plan B if cruising isn't in the cards for us anymore.
  16. Thank you Flossie , very well defined. Thank you Jackie and for the advice on the vibration. Y’all stay well!
  17. Having only one Regent cruise under our belt, I have a question about the meaning of a category being listed as Guaranteed and one being listed as Available. We have a deposit on a cruise in 2021 where this is the case so wanted to try and understand the the difference.
  18. Thank you for your detailed explanation Susie of the Regent Reassurance program. I did go back and I looked at our booking confirmation and just as you said at the bottom of page 3 it does say RETURN WITH REGENT-REGENT REASSURANCE and a $500pp credit. So, that is a relief! Hoping that your May cruise goes and also ours in September. Stay well!
  19. BBWC and 1982 CruzStart, Thank you for both replies. We actually put our deposit for a September 2021 cruise on Splendor after the Regent Reassurance was put in place. I guess then that we are covered without needing our TA to request it. Now, just keeping fingers and toes crossed that by September of next year things will be much better and we can take this trip.
  20. BBWC we have a new cruise booked for September 2021. We also use a TA however I was under the impression that the Regent Reassurance was automatically in place. I didn’t think it needed to be requested by my TA. Can someone clarify this for me. Thank you
  21. Perhaps I just don’t see it. Wasn’t there a topic called Roll Call on this board? We have a cruise booked in 2021 and would like to see if others are joining us. Will be totally embarrassed if it is there and I missed it 😫.
  22. We are in Georgia too so I understand what you are saying. We also wear our masks and social distance as best we can. My hope is that in a year from this September, there will be a vaccine and we will feel safe getting back to cruising.
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