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  1. We cancelled our December Silver Wind Antarctica cruise on 5/17 and our refunds were processed on 7/2, exactly 45 days later. We expect the cruise to get cancelled but didn't want to risk losing that much money to get the FCC. Plus, we didn't do enough research before we booked. Our cruise was going to the Falklands first and we want to go to South Georgia instead. We'll try again in 2022/2023.
  2. Thanks WesW. The Wind Cape to Cape in Feb. 2021 looks great. Antarctica, Falklands, South Georgia plus the price is much lower than the other cruises we are looking at. But it's 31 days and we can't be away that long from our "beasts". We are currently favoring the mid-Nov. 2021 Wind sailing to South Georgia. The Cloud 2021 Holiday cruise looks wonderful but we just got a quote on it of around $46K with air for two. We don't want to spend that much.
  3. To carefreecruise: The 2020 holiday cruise is even more expensive than the 2021 cruise. And it's still risky given the virus situation. To Stumblefoot: thanks for the advice on the date. I hadn't thought about the babies.
  4. We are currently booked on the Silver Wind Ushuaia - Ushuaia, 14 nights, Dec. 5th 2020. It cruises to the Falklands before Antarctica. Given the uncertainty about Covid-19 and cruising this year, we are seriously considering changing this booking to the first voyage of the next season, on the Silver Cloud, 16 nights, Nov. 14th, 2021, Punta Arenas - Ushuaia. Instead of the Falklands it cruises to South Georgia and Elephant Island. It is quite a bit more expensive but from what I have read here, the itinerary is much better. For those who have cruised to Antarctica, I'd greatly appre
  5. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like our regular sweaters and turtlenecks are fine on top. We just need another layer to wear under the waterproof pants.
  6. Question about dressing for the cold. I know we will have the Silversea parkas for the outer layer. I purchased Uniqlo Heattech t-shirts and leggings for the base layer. I purchased the extra warm version. What should we wear for the middle layer? I know the Silversea shop sells fleece or "expedition stretch" or "Kyanite". What did you all find that worked best? Thanks.
  7. Thank you all for your posts and photos. I'm looking forward to our Antarctic trip this December. Sure hope we get the "Drake lake"! We booked a suite in the center of deck 4 -- folded the ship deck plan in half to find the mid-point -- in case we have rough seas.
  8. Thanks to all of you for your continued reports. We are booked on the Silver Wind going to Antarctica in December, its second cruise, and your posts will help us know what to expect. But unfortunately our itinerary does not include South Georgia. There was only one cruise that did this, and the price was much higher than ours. FYI, we just missed you all last summer. We were on the Cloud from Amsterdam to Dublin.
  9. I recommend the week after Thanksgiving. Flying just before Thanksgiving is chaotic and more expensive. Also, there will be some families with children cruising during the Thanksgiving week. Yes, if you can, hold off booking until closer to the cruise and select a Guarantee Veranda.
  10. bethtex: What time does the Silversea charter plane land in Santiago?
  11. sfvoyage: I didn't realize we had exchanged messages on this board before we met on our trivia team. To answer the original question, yes you can play as a couple but it's much better to be part of a large team. It significantly increases the odds of someone knowing the answer. Our team was very committed to trivia and always showed up. We finished in 2nd place. ... Valerie [My handle name is alithecat because I had a cat called Ali.]
  12. More laundry info... The self-service laundry provides soap but if you use fabric softener sheets bring your own.
  13. What location is the caviar in the surf? Wondering if that's where ours will be next week on the Sojourn.
  14. Yes you select your cabin. When you book either thru Seabourn or a TA they will tell you which suites are available in your price category and you can pick the one you want. Or, usually not until closer to sailing or when the ship is almost full, you can select a Veranda Guarantee for a cheaper price. This is the category Veranda Suite (OB). If you do this, Seabourn assigns you a cabin usually between 1-2 weeks of sailing. Smoking is not allowed either in the suites or on the verandas, or in any interior spaces. Some outside areas are designated for smoking. The policy is here: htt
  15. Update: still 7 days and we finally have a suite. A V6 on deck 7. Very happy with this! [Was worried about getting V1 502/3.]
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