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  1. They've suggested that those with underlying, serious health conditions should avoid traveling. Nothing really shocking here.
  2. I think you and I are getting mixed up with survival rate, versus percentage of deaths. I'm correct in stating that 4.25% of the people who contracted it have died, but you are also correct in stating that in the 720 cases of people who no longer have the virus, 72.7% of the people survived it. You and I are explaining two different sides of the same coin, I believe. Didn't mean to sound patronising, it's 3:40 am here and I've been up for a while.
  3. That's not how percentages work, lol. 4626 have contracted the virus. 197 have passed away from it. So 4.25% have passed away from it. You're using this "concluded case" term and that's not a thing.
  4. Where did you get that statistic? The BBC lists Italy's deaths at 4.25% 197 out of 4626 is 4.25%
  5. Us too. No intention of canceling this cruise. I'm overloading myself with vitamins, and going to take some extra precautions while onboard. We need this vacation, lol. Good to hear! Keep the ship clean for us.
  6. I also suspect that they may adjust the cancellation schedule and charges, and that could be the reason for the webcast.
  7. No they do not. You still need your Sea Pass card for that.
  8. I'm also interested in using the Wow bands on my upcoming Anthem sailing. I'm in a regular balcony room, so I'd assume that we need to go to Bolero's on Embarkation Day to purchase them? And do we get a choice of colors? Thanks!
  9. Let’s also not forget that the CDC has been working with RCI on this. I don’t think the CDC would have allowed disembarkation if there was reason to be alarmed.
  10. 27 Total people are being tested. 1 took tylenol and their fever went away 3 are being taken to Newark hospital for screening 23 are being taken to an airport to fly back to China
  11. Hopefully a little rough sea will be the worst of your vacation!
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