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  1. 5 minutes, that’s awesome! I’m going to advise everyone in my party to use the app to get through quick. And this may be weird, but should I wait to take the ID photo on the app? I currently have a beard, but won’t have when when I board the ship. Thanks!
  2. Update - After speaking with Royal on the phone and through their Twitter feed, they confirmed the sailing is sold out completely, and that’s why it was removed from the website. phew...
  3. Great, more anxiety! lol, I'm sure it's just sold out, but I'm going to call this morning anyway.
  4. Ok, good to know, thanks! Thank you as well! I'm more concerned that they decided to cancel the sailing. Which I know is irrational, but when you're 61 days away from your sail date, you get more and more anxious.
  5. That's what I was thinking as well. I just wasn't sure if that would cause them to remove the sailing from the website completely. Rather than just put "Sold Out" on it.
  6. That's what I'm thinking as well. I haven't received any sort of notification that it's canceled or anything. I thought of a possible charter also, but you're right, it's very close for them to do that. Also, a couple Anthem sailings in February have no staterooms available and they aren't shown on the website either, so my guess is it's just sold out. Either way, once their office opens I'm going to call Royal to make sure. My blood pressure spiked when I saw it though, and figured I'd ask on here.
  7. These photos were great! Making me even more excited for my upcoming Anthem sailing. Just a question about check-in at Cape Liberty: If you arrived at 10:00, and they started boarding at 10:35, how long until you actually stepped onboard? Did you use the Expedited Boarding with the Royal App?
  8. My upcoming sailing (Anthem, 3/22/20) is no longer listed on the RCCL website, and on my Travel Agent portal it's status is "Closed" with no staterooms available. Am I correct in thinking that this means the ship is 100% booked? As long as it's not mysteriously canceled, lol.
  9. Well that's not a comforting thought at all. I'm sure it will be ready by the time I'm there in March, but still...
  10. Thank you for the response. Maybe we'll have more info in February.
  11. On this same topic, how have they been treating sail-aways in the colder weather? I sailed out of Bayonne once in January, and they were serving hot chocolate on the deck during sail away, thought that was pretty good. Are they still doing something similar? I'll be going at the end of March this time around, so it "should" be a little warmer than beginning of January.
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