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    O'Sheehan's Menu

    Good wings
  2. Don't book any excursion for snorkel park. Just walk there (very close to the ship) and do your own thing. No need to book anything through NCL.
  3. bbryan5

    Fight on the Escape

    You want to know how/why this happened? Because it's a ship out of New York. Probably a bunch of Staten Island D.Bags.
  4. I have also gotten OBC after a price drop. I don't know if its an official policy tho..
  5. Tell DH to relax...lol. We have been to Bermuda 4 times. It's by far our favorite island (out of about 10 we've been to) there are cabs, mini buses, regular buses, and ferrys to get around. It's a great island, and I'm sure you will all love it.
  6. bbryan5

    Washington/Alaska-- alcohol taxes?

  7. bbryan5

    Drinking straws

  8. bbryan5

    Squeaky, Drippy and Scratchy

    lmfao :')
  9. bbryan5


    There's a bunch of options depending on what ship you go on. Most have a buffet and at least two free sit down restaurants. Then they also have restaurants that you have to pay extra for.. things like Steakhouse, Italian, French, seafood... Etc. Go on NCL website and look it up by whichever ship you plan on boarding.
  10. bbryan5

    Drinking straws

    Never happen. I'm like a ninja. They'll never catch me.
  11. bbryan5


    Yup, it has. It's unfortunate.
  12. Throwing the servers a buck or 2 goes a long way. And you will DEFINITELY get better service.
  13. bbryan5

    Drinking straws

    I want straws!! I'm starting a movement for all of us plastic straw people. #strawmetoo
  14. bbryan5

    Drinking straws

    LMFAO, that's amazing!! At least some people on these forums have a sense of humor! :')
  15. bbryan5

    Drinking straws

    The great Straw-Gate of 2018..