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  1. Oh my, yea I'd say she has changed quite a bit. 😄
  2. Oh my gosh I'm so happy you loved it there! I'm glad you went and I can't wait to see your pictures! Oh no! Not the camera issues! I go with more back up than a professional photographer these days because of that time. LOL
  3. No we did not have a reservation. We just showed up. I'm honestly not sure how it is on a cruise ship day. I actually messaged them via fb to ask if we could just show up and if there was a cover charge before we left the house and they told us no. The fans are EVERYWHERE!!! There's no missing them. The whole place is filled with them. I first headed to the left (when facing the water). No, no swimming out...just along the sides by land. I swam a good ways down before turning around (I think there was some buoy's or something to the left) but I seen them everywhere I was. The huge rocks full of coral was to the right, basically right beside the steps leading in. It was so beautiful. I hope you have a great time! Let me know how it went.
  4. I'm not gonna lie, it's been years since we have been to Chankanaab and I don't know how much it has changed or if the entrance getting in and out of the water at Chank has changed at all, but the physical aspect of getting out is easier at Sky Reef. JMO We are definitely enjoying our land vacations. I do miss cruising though. It's been 1 year and 9 months for us since we've had a cruise. I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise. I'm so jealous! 🙂
  5. I definitely wouldn't have any concerns with a taxi. There's a spot right beside it that had taxi's when we went and there wasn't even any cruise ships when we were there. It's also on the main strip so you have taxi's passing by all the time and definitely the staff could call you one. I agree with leg...on a cruise ship day, they are definitely going to be available. You can see in one of my pictures, in my review at the end, a taxi parked outside. I didn't really get a picture from being in the water looking up at the steps, but it was easy enough to get in and out. A few steps up on the dock (just to go over the rocks) and a few down.
  6. Hmm maybe I forgot to link the link. Lol. You can get to it from the tabs above. Day 1, day 2, house listing are the listing pics from Airbnb and rooi Santa are my pics
  7. A few more pages up now: Planning, Day 1, the house and Day 2 are available
  8. You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay! (BTW, there are flamingos at the beach at DePalm now too).
  9. Ok, the first day is up now. Sorry it took so long. It was my oldest sons birthday yesterday and we had a huge party at my house. So, I wasn't able to work on it. TAKE NOTICE...The first page that was published has more added to it at the bottom. I got so excited to start the review I completely left out a bunch of things. LOL So go back and check out the first page that was posted.
  10. My thoughts are BOTH! We did the SeaTrek and it was a lot of fun. We do these everywhere we go and I have to say that Aruba is the best one! They have things for you to interact with down there and they take your pictures. It was so much fun. You can check out my review CLICK HERE and there's pictures of us down there (middle of the page) As for the snuba...again...AMAZING!!! We always do Discover Scuba everywhere we go and decided to try this out. We had a blast and the reef doesn't get much better than this! It was really really good and we do this a lot so that's saying a lot. We just did this last month so I don't have my review up for it yet. Give them both a try.
  11. I was hoping it worked. It said it sent out 96 emails. I wasn't going to say anything on here just to see if anyone got the email. So, it looks like it worked. 🙂 THE REVIEW HAS STARTED....
  12. Thank you! Yes 15 very nice days. :)
  13. It was an awesome vacation and I can't wait to share it with everyone. Thanks for the congrats Bonnie! Thanks so much Rick! I think, for some reason, it only sends out mailers if I manually send them. I'm going to have to check into it a little more. But I will post here when it starts as well. I'm getting close. Thanks so much! It was awesome news! I have one week under my belt so far and so far so good! I'm liking it. Thanks so much! I appreciate it.
  14. Hi ya'll, I'm back from our 15 glorious days in Aruba. I will be starting my review as soon as I can. I decided this time that I would do all of my pictures first before starting the review...that way there's not too much of a delay...or will there be? lol We returned in the middle of the night on Wednesday-Thursday and I was up bright and early at 7am on Thursday and at the computer processing my pictures and picking the best ones out to share for our "story". I honestly have not moved from my computer from the time I get up in the morning each day until the time I go to bed other than to eat, caffeine refuel, and empty the refuel. I'm honestly working very hard to get these ready and start the review. I know a lot of you have been looking forward to it since I announced that's where we will be going for our summer vacation. If everyone left off with my April vacation in Cozumel, you'll know that I quit my job the week prior to leaving for this vacation. However, things do change and change they did...they really didn't want to let me go so offered me the position of the Manger of the entire office at the location I was working at. GO ME! So, I start this new position on Monday and hopefully it will be your typical 9-5pm job and I'll have plenty of time for my review once I get home every night....but, we will see. I will post on here once the review has officially started and everyone on my mailing list "should" get a notice. fingers crossed
  15. We flew into Aruba on Tuesday and I was so excited to see the Joy sitting in port with carnival Horizon.
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