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  1. Thanks for all of this information! We are planning our next Aruba cruise and my how the world has changed since we were there last a few years ago!
  2. I've been trying to think of where to go next. We have been throwing around heading back to Aruba (but everything has really seemed to increase in prices there), Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica, and maybe even Cancun/Playa. I guess it's time for some research. 🙂 Thank you for joining in on this journey. I appreciate it and glad you liked it. 🙂
  4. Yea, I wasn't expecting much at all. I figured it would just be a chance for us to "dive" and me not have any issues and feel good about it. But wow, we just had an amazing time and so much to see!
  5. I guess I should update that I have "went official" and got a website name so that it's easier to find me: travelwithmitsugirly.com
  6. Direct link if you're having issues CLICK HERE
  7. DAY 9 IS NOW UP! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It was amazing!
  8. YES! That sounds perfect for us and things we like to do. I will definitely have to try that once we go back for another vacation. Always looking for new things to do. Thanks leg!
  9. Every day and they change daily depending on what design she has in her mind. Leg's, arms, hands... 😉 😄 Definitely! I wondered that too when you had mentioned it and it being so far away. But honestly, it's not really the 45 min boat ride because you stop on the way there at the ship wreck and spend some time there. But, I'm sure they make sure that they have the time figured out appropriately to make sure you get back to the ship in time. If you ever decide you want to try it, Isabel would definitely tell you how it works if you are coming by cruise ship. I did see one other review online (blog) from someone that did it while cruising. Yea, I would say the snorkeling isn't really something to focus on for this type of trip. But, that gianormous reef ball or whatever it was called went down (and I'm not good with distances) about 20' and almost to the top. It was insanely big (2 of them) and was very pretty. But not your normal snorkeling. Their "snorkeling" version of the trip is just basically to see their oyster farm. Yea, it was very expensive. Did it use to not be this expensive? I did see the overnight camping but definitely no cabins being built or coming soon. They just don't have the money and can't even replace the roof or picture boards for the class. Unless you pitch a tent, I can't see that happening any time soon. Aww, thanks. Why would you not get to go as a single traveler? That place would be perfect for the single traveler.
  10. I had completely planned on exchanging our money but just never got around to it. Next time we go, I will definitely do it.
  11. Yea, we did the house visit. It was just easier and convenient for us and were told that the free test were only for those staying at the resort. Sky Reef had several different areas and it was pretty cool. I absolutely LOVED how many sea fans there were and it was pretty amazing there. One of the better snorkeling areas I've been to along that area. What do you mean pulling a fast one? (I did make a mistake on who ate what so the food items on the check are correct). Are you saying the amount is wrong? Yes, we paid with US dollars all week. No, we did not make it back to Punta Sur this time. We were really trying to do new places (but Punta Sur and Chankanaab was on my radar). Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy them. We also did not pay the tax at the airport nor did they ask for our test results...kinda. We flew SW Just our story: Ours was nasal swab. I'm not sure if ours was deep or not because I don't have anyone to compare to.
  12. And the rest of that day is finished as well.
  13. Second half of day 7 is up now. 🙂
  14. I actually didn't go anywhere, the doctor came to me. 🙂 The doctor that everyone always mentioned on the fb Cozumel page was no longer at the clinic so I had to find someone else. I'll have to get the info and I will include it in my review. Oopsy, I forgot to make it public. Sorry about that. I started having to make videos private because I had too many people viewing them before that part of the review was done and they already knew what was going on. LOL cheaters! It's available now. Seriously? I never knew that. Well maybe the wetsuits we have worn in the past were too tight? Because my bathing suit has never gotten wet when I have worn them before. Hmm, this is very interesting to find out and I really appreciate you telling me this.
  15. The rest of our scuba diving day is up and I'm moving on to the rest of the day now. There's a video up from the day as well. I'm still learning my video producing skills...need more practice...much more practice, but I tried. I ended up having to purchase the video program to get the watermark off of it. I've been trying to avoid doing that but I guess it's time now. I guess that means I'll have to start doing more videos on trips now. 😁
  16. That post was from 2019, so not live. I have a website that you can find my full review on with tons of pictures. travelwithmitsugirly.com and go to the port section, then cozumel and you will find all the excursions on that page. Hope that helps.
  17. Thank you all for the kind words! I went ahead and published my morning portion of the review...give you all something to read and look forward to. I am working on my video from that morning and the "surprise" for everyone. When I get that done, I'll publish it and then finish the second half of the day because there's a lot more to come. It was a busy day.
  18. I'm trying really hard to get another day up. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but after a long year and 8 months, I went back to work 1 month before this vacation. I know at this point that my leg/foot is never going to get any better so I thought I would ease back into nursing part time and see how it goes. But, after I returned our company was bought out and they invited me to go full time for a nice salary AND a company car with all expenses paid for including all my daily supplies and equipment. Then they offered me benefits, holiday pay, and vacation (which I haven't had any of those since working at the hospital 7 years ago). I just couldn't pass it up! So, I have been working a lot and putting in long hours on certain days (sometimes up until 8-9pm), which is limiting my time to work on my review. (Of course, you know me, the first thing I asked when they presented the offer was..."I take 3 vacations a year, so how will this work if I only get 1 paid week?" LOL....of course they said I could take as many vacations I wanted, it just wouldn't be paid vacations. I'm ok with that.) I have to admit, I'm very tired at night but every waking moment I have, that I'm not actually working, I'm working on getting my pictures and review together for everyone. I really appreciate everyone here and everyone that has subscribed to my site. I almost have half of the next day done. I have our morning ADVENTURE done and just need to finish my video and I think I'm going to go ahead and post it for everyone to have something to read. Then finish the last half of the day after that and then post it. What does everyone think? You want the first half of the day posted and then do the other half? Or you all want it to be posted all together?
  19. Well shucky darn! I was on my way out the door to go to work and wanted to get the next day posted and totally forgot to link the page to the button. It's there, just not linked. LOL I'll go do that now. So sorry about that.
  20. Thank you for the nice comments and glad you are enjoying the review. She is still doing her drawings. I have a whole bunch of them to post from this vacation. I was actually thinking about adding a "special page" on my site just for her drawings so she can see each time over the years how she has improved. She just amazes me with her skills. She's recently started painting as well (which is HIGHLY unusual for her) and also drawing with a pencil (also very unusual for her as well since she has always used just a pen). I will be sure to share the ones she did recently on vacation.
  21. Aww thanks and glad you are here. I bet you're excited about your upcoming cruise! I haven't been on the Joy so you'll have to let me know how it goes...especially with this covid thing. Hopefully it will be just like land vacations and it's a reduced capacity and you'll really be able to enjoy it. Hi Heather! Glad you found the review! You are welcome and thank you for being here. I miss Sakari being so little still. I just can't believe how much she has shot up over the last year alone. Yes, she still goes to art school and loves every minute of it. Of course with COVID her classes have been at home on zoom all day, but they recently went back to "in school" 2 days a week. Yes, Kolin was with Courtney (the mother of his child) for many years (and the one that use to cruise with us). But Courtney made a big mistake that cost her relationship with him and he has been with Taylor now for 3 years. They were pregnant last year (she desperately wants a child) but had complications and gave birth too early and they lost their son. It was such a tragic moment for them and that's when he knew he wanted to marry her. It just took awhile to propose, even though he's had the ring since last summer. Taylor and Courtney get along good and Taylor loves Kynzi as if she was her own. Courtney is still part of the family and we are all real close. I still consider her my daughter in law so everything is good. Yea, my ankle just didn't work out. Some day I'm hoping it will be corrected (ankle replacement) but until then...I'm stuck with this thing the way it is. 😞
  22. Hmmm, is it still happening? I'm not having any issues when I look at it and don't see any problems on the back end. Is anyone else having this issue?
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