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  1. **UPDATE** Well, the time has come...I knew it would. My website has gotten too big for itself. It has been getting incredibly slow over the last 2 reviews and this review has been a nightmare! It stops running, having to upload things twice for it to take, site going down saying "not enough space"...it's just been horrid I tell ya. Last night when working on it, it done some really weird things and things got messed up. I tried desperately to fix things but only getting one thing fixed every 15 minutes or so was getting ridiculous! So, now I'm actually forced to make it "legit". I had to buy the premium monthly service to continue, buy an actual domain and all the other "crap" that goes with a website. Ugh! But, I want to keep it active and hopefully continue to help others out with my reviews. I know I get visitors from all over the world (according to my world map on my site that changes daily depending on who's viewing) and believe it or not, according to my Analytics, about 70% are coming from other places than cc. I don't know how that's possible or maybe it means that it's just directly saved on people's computers. Who knows. But I guess I'll be able to set up search engines and all to generate more traffic. Hopefully these changes that are being made are not the cause of everyone's work not letting them onto the site (or worse, a bigger problem). Please keep me informed if it still doesn't work. I have been updating the site but I haven't made the changes "go-live" yet, so some of you may see the top bar drop down boxes still messed up with the content or who knows what else is wrong with it. I'm not sure. Just be patient with me please.
  2. I found that it doesn't automatically send out emails (with the exception of when you first subscribe I believe) so I had to manually set up a "notice" email to send out to all the subscribers with an updated page. Darnit I was hoping it did it on its own. Buccanos was great and thanks for the congrats! Yea, I've seen pictures of it "before" with so many of those "S" chairs all over the place. Those are all gone right now and it was wonderful. Yea, I'm thinking they reduced the amount because of no cruisers. Next door is just so sad to see. It looked like it was so beautiful. I did not make it to Playa Azul. I knew it was right next door and it's still on my bucket list. 😄 No artificial reefs from the area from the hotel that is broken down all the way back to Buccanos dock. If they had any, they must have been way out there. No foot baths so far and yes on sanitizer and temp checks. I guess I should go back and add that. We are living in a different world now and it has just become every day living that I don't think about it now. Also mask...I'll go re-edit. Thanks for bringing that up leg. I appreciate it. Are you trying by phone? Or by computer? I know the phone app isn't set up or working correctly. I will have to work on that after I finish the website (which always seem to be a work in progress). Try the website travel with mitsugirly dot com and see if that works. Since there aren't many places open like before, the only time we ran into the "barkers" is in the little Town Square shopping area in San Migual. Other than that, we didn't even encounter people on the beaches selling anything (other than to be ask if we wanted a massage at the beach clubs and a simple "no gracias" and they smiled and immediately walked away. When we left, there was no mention of this imposed tax at any time nor did we pay any. They also didn't even ask to see our negative COVID test either, which I thought was very strange. Yes, we rented with ISIS Rendtadora. Never seen anyone by the name of Margarita. Just guys there each time. I wonder what's going on? Try my website name Travel with Mitsugirly dot com and see if that works. Sounds like everyone's work is all of a sudden freaking out. LOL
  3. I decided to subscribe using one of my other emails and I'm not getting notifications either. I'm not sure if it has to do with my settings or what. I'll have to see if I can figure it out. What good is a subscribe if it doesn't do anything. LOL
  4. Ok, I have started my review. Not much yet but, the introduction is done.... Click here to drop you off at the beginning. For those of you that are subscribed to my page, can you let me know if you got a notice of some kind that I've started something new on my webpage? I have no idea how the subscriptions work and was just wondering.
  5. Oh that's sad to hear about the arguments involving the masks, vaccines and so on. I don't get on here too much because when I do, I'm researching and there's no activity lately on the ports. 😞 Glad you booked a vacation to Cozumel. I hope you have a great time! It's a wonderful little island.
  6. Building has not started and I ask around for you leg. Some didn't even realize it has been authorized. I found mixed feelings from totally against it to they need it.
  7. I just returned from a week and a half in Cozumel and ask several locals and vendors about this. They said that cruising is coming back to Cozumel in June is what they have been told.
  8. Well, I'm very sad to report that we are back home now (since 1:30am this morning) and hating every minute of it! We left and it was in the high 20's-30's that morning and while we were gone, it was in the 70's at home. We come back to 40 degree weather and I'm freezing!!! The sun gods hate me. My body can't get used to this cold weather again. I should probably move before I become one of the grumpy old "get off my lawn" grandma's that comes out bundled in two layers of clothing and a robe on. I managed to get unpacked today and that's all I have managed to accomplish with "vacation". I will get my pictures downloaded and start the process of getting things together for a review some time this week. 🙂
  9. Still the same...swelling and constant pain. It will never get any better than it is from here on out since it didn't heal aligned and has a non union fracture. I just have to wait it out until I'm able to get a full ankle replacement. 😕 Thanks for asking though. It's just a disability I have to make adjustments and learn to live with at this point.
  10. Hmmm, we were on the direct south side of the car ferry a few nights ago with all the locals watching the sunset and didn’t see anything. We walked from down the street, where we parked which was on the north side of the pier, and didn’t see anything either. But, I will ask the locals and see what they know. i was just saying the other night that with the economy being so bad after the cruise ships stopped coming, there sure is a lot of reconstruction of homes and restaurants going on here! Everywhere we look they are building and fixing up places.
  11. Where is it supposed to be and I can try to find out
  12. I was already tricked into habanero sauce ... it won’t happen again. I don’t like anything hot...especially without a drink in hand 😉😕
  13. Nope kendra has yet to get a passport. I’ve been telling her for 3 years to get one. She went to myrtle beach the week before we left and then the month before went to Florida. She has overworked her vacation mileage now 🤣
  14. We are staying in a private home. I could stay here at our place and quarantine with no problem. 😁
  15. Yes you have to be tested before returning but not to come. There are places here that are really cheap to go to as well. I’m not sure if the resorts will test for free if you are not staying there with them???
  16. No quarantine on the island 😁
  17. Day 2: Playa Uvas Day 3: Buccanos
  18. Hola! We are spending 10 wonderful days in beautiful Cozumel. Of course I will have a review coming once we return and all bienvenidos! We rented a gorgeous newly built home in San Miguel Quintana Roo with out own pool out back and as I sit here typing we just returned from the beach and the hubby is on his babble attempting Spanish. It sounds like we live in a jungle with so many birds squawking above us. Sakari is bored and we need to find something to do before long. Gotta stay busy. Day 1: Arrival was as expected from our family...turmoil. We walked the streets for Mexican pizza and swam in our oasis back yard and called it a night since we had been up since 5am. Mas por venir...
  19. We are in beautiful Cozumel now. I will post on the cozumel forum from here on out since this no longer pertains to st Thomas (don’t want to make the moss upset). Any post on here will be regarding st Thomas if others have questions. 😁
  20. I most definitely will. I will let everyone know. I just can't imagine going somewhere and not having a plan. I just could never do it. LOL
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