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  1. Well she wasn't too pleased with her trip to Florida. She said there wasn't much to do there (other than a beach and stay at the resort at the water park) and they only had warm weather the first couple days and the last. So, I feel better about not going now. 🤣 Be watching the Cozumel boards for my upcoming trip when I return. 😁
  2. She left without me. 😭 She headed down friday night and is enjoying a really nice place with a water park right on the beach at Clearwater. However, I just booked my next vacation in 1 month! Cozumel Mexico here we come!
  3. We plan on going down for Spring Break the beginning of April. We have booked an airbnb for our stay. Yea, we are aware of it being "slower" than when the ships were cruising and things not as open or active. We took a land vacation to St Thomas and it was strange with things not being open. But, on the bright side...we absolutely loved it because there wasn't a big crowd (and that includes the airport and everything). It's the best time to go in my book. We have done the tour to Cielo, Columbia and Palancar and loved it (but with another organization). I will check them out and see if maybe they do scuba. Punta Sur is beautiful and we plan on going back. Have a great day there!
  4. Thanks for the info. It just concerned me when I read that non-essential travel was forbidden and it stated you must prove that you are coming in to Mexico for essential travel. I freaked out there for a minute. Have you done anything interesting while you were there? Any suggestions? We've been there a lot of times and done a lot of beaches, but hoping to find new things. 😄
  5. We are going to Cozumel for Spring Break and looking to do everything we can (of course like always). Here's a list of the places we have been so far: Chankanaab x2 Nachi Cocom Playa Mia Mr Sancho's Passion Island Playa Palancar The Money Bar Paradise Beach Snorkeling & El Cielo boat tour Private Jeep Rental to the west side and Punta Sur Park I wouldn't mind returning to any of these and wondering what other places should we go to? We are a beach/water/snorkeling loving family! Also, anyone have any suggestions on a dive company to do a Discover Scuba? And...also parachuting (we absolutely loved it when we went to St Thomas last year and would like to do it again). Open to suggestions...TIA
  6. Looking at the website that c-leg provided, it reads as if you can't travel for non-essential travel stating "The restrictions are in place until at least March 21, 2021". Is this not the case (sense you are there now). Just wondering. It's really hard to follow that website as to what is up to date information.
  7. So still no testing prior to coming into Cozumel right?
  8. @AKR2011 Thanks so much for the kind words and glad you have found the site to be useful. 🙂
  9. I think I have decided not to go. These girls (Kendra and her friends) are just too "spur of the moment" for me. I'm a planner and they can't decide if they are going to Destin, Panama Beach or now it's changed to possibly Clearwater. They haven't even booked their room and they leave in 2 days! Nope, I can't handle that indecisiveness and last minute planning. I'm not a "driver of long distances" so I would be flying and booking a few days ahead of time = more expensive. We used My Car Rental VI (dot com) and they were absolutely amazing!
  10. Wasn't that amazing? We got really lucky and so grateful that things turned out the way they did. Thanks so much for your comments. I am seriously am having cruise withdrawal and can't wait until cruising is opened back up. I never realized just how much until recently and not cruising for over a year + now. 😞 You are welcome and glad you for enjoying them. Definitely consider a land vacation...well worth it to experience the entire island and take your time and see it all. Thanks so much and I appreciate it. Yea, I shared that with Kendra and she laughed and agreed with you 😉 She's currently trying to plan a Florida vacation for us real soon...as in REAL soon, like less than 2 weeks soon and I'm not sure if it will happen, but if it does, you guys will be the first to know with a new review. Are you talking about for the St Thomas trip or Orlando?
  11. Just an FYI...the entire review is complete now. I hope everyone enjoys it.
  12. Aww thanks for the compliments. I appreciate it. Yea, the house...oh em gee! St Thomas was AMAZING as always. I hope to get back there again for another land vacation once things calm down. Aww, I'm so sorry you are having difficulty with the website. I tried to make it as user friendly as possible. Are you on a computer or phone? I know the phone doesn't work right and you need to use a computer. At the top you will find listings and just go over to the one marked "LAND" and hover over it and a drop down box appears and you go down to the last one that says "WALT DISNEY" and that will drop you off at the first page. Each page is pretty much listed as a new day (other than day 1). At the end of each day you can click the link at the bottom and will take you to the next page. Or you can always come back and at the top of each page you will see the days listed and you can just click them. I'm not sure why you are seeing just a bunch of pictures. There's an entire review with the pictures. I haven't had anyone else tell me they are having this problem. Maybe it's taking a long time for you internet to download everything? Or, like I said, you are trying to view it on your phone and in if that's the case, then that's probably the problem. I hope you're able to figure it out. Yea, after I finish a day, I just create a new page until I'm done with it and then I post it live. So if you see a page that just has the heading, that's why. I hope to return and do the other theme parks we missed real soon. We had such a good time.
  13. Hello. The review is over on my website. It's located under the "land" portion. I have several pages done already. I just forgot to hit "publish". Oops. I will publish it now.
  14. Not sure how many people are still following this thread, but since we didn't get our passports back in time for another "out of the US vacation", we decided to spend 10 days in Florida and hit up most of the Disney theme parks. If you are interested, I am starting a review on it on my website.
  15. Very nice list of ships. 🙂 I have been on just a few Royal ships. I have reviews for those too if you have a lot of time on your hands. lol Take care and hugs
  16. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it, as always, Blue! I will definitely keep you posted. All I'm waiting on is my passport(s) to arrive and I'm definitely going somewhere. LOL
  17. Glad you have enjoyed the reviews. If you are ever interested in just ports, you can always check those out as well on my website.
  18. @Blue water I just had to come back and post again about Isla Mujeres. I looked online around this beautiful little island and found this little place that I had previously seen online several years ago that I thought would be interesting to stay in (shaped like a seashell with mermaids and everything 😄 ). I never knew where it was located....well, it's HERE! I would go stay there just to surprise Sakari (my daughter) with the place. I'm really going to check into possibly staying here a few days. Do you fly into Cancun and take a boat over? Is there a ferry?
  19. I have always loved Cozumel as well. I have not been to Allegro resort so I'll have to try it out if we go. Safe travels to you as well. 🙂 The last time we visited Cozumel on a cruise, we took the jeep tour to the "wild side" and I fell in love even more than ever. I knew right then and there I wanted to go there for a land vacation. I'll have to look up Isla Mujeres. I've never heard of it. Getting around on golf carts would be fun (reminds me of the time we did that in Grand Turk). Oh yes, been to Belize many times and have been to Shark Ray Alley/Caye Caulker, Goff's Caye and Rendezvous and they are amazing places to snorkel! (As well as cave tubing several times). I love Belize for a snorkeling destination. Not sure I'd want to vacation there or not. I appreciate you letting me know about Mujeres. 🙂 At the moment, no real requirements (as far as getting in to Cozumel). There's no testing at this moment. Of course things could change.
  20. I'm sitting here right now looking at places in Cozumel. 🤣
  21. Just an update on the passport issue...silly me! My husband is a "Jr" and I guess you need to put that in on the "passport checking site" when it ask for your last name. I wasn't doing that. He called this morning and he's in there! Whew! Just an FYI for anyone that may need a passport...they say around 10 weeks delivery time BUT they are doing expedited services again if you need it quickly.
  22. LOL, don't have an anxiety attack...it's all good. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the review! 🙂
  23. Yea I hate that they have made it so hard for people to exit the port now. They want you to go "the long way" winding around all the shops. If you want the quickest way out, when you get into the port area, keep as left as you can around the pool to take a short cut down the row of vendors and out the exit. The first time we were there after remodeling, they did have the truck in the way of the exit and the next time we went, they had it completely blocked off with a wall. They want to make sure no one gets out easily. They did have the trams running last time we were there in December last year though (for the pier).
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