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  1. Can you please clarify what that means - they cannot send any emails because they are UK guests - they cannot send to UK email addresses - they cannot send UK information to the guests (can only send US info) if they can get the US info then show it as proof to the UK RCL reps so they can get the relevant info?
  2. I was on the reverse itinerary right after yours but we didn’t get Sydney so love to see pics esp from there.
  3. Googling about air on airplanes, On most aircraft, air is also circulated through hospital-grade HEPA filters, which remove 99.97 percent of bacteria, as well as the airborne particles that viruses use for transport The vent above your airplane seat may help you avoid contact with microorganisms that can get you sick as it can create an invisible air barrier around you. This air barrier can stop airborne viruses from lingering in the air around you
  4. From Punta Langosta should we take a cab or walk?
  5. I see other posts saying "RCL docks at TMMI" but Empress is such a small ship I guess it's an exception.
  6. Found a schedule that shows Empress is docking at Punta Langosta in Feb 6 - is that unusual? we will be there Mar 13. https://cozumelinsider.com/Cruiseships
  7. How does one get the promotion? We are going there in a month.
  8. We get back to Miami on a Sunday and our flight out is Monday 7 am. What is our best option to stay for the night if we want to spend a day around Miami? Hotel near the airport? Air BNB downtown? worried about where to stash the luggage and budget around $200. thanks
  9. That meant they did not have to pay a single cent for them and the collection is huge. Probably could not do pitch change then. (I need this feature as my range is limited)
  10. I used to sing karaoke (on land) and recently sang the first time on a cruise. There were a few things that surprised me and I'd like to share them. On the Adventure of the Seas, the adult karaoke was held 10 pm every night in the lounge that was a bit out of the way, so they were not well attended. Some nights there were less than 10 people total there, and the final had maybe 50 people in the audience. The 10-night cruise had 3 nights of qualifying rounds, I think at the end of those nights they announce who made it into the final. Surprise #1 The song books were printed out on paper (sample below), and looked like they haven't been updated in years. There were no songs by Beyonce, Adele etc. BUT you can bring your own music! someone brought backing tracks on their phone and the hosts were able to hook it up to the system, I believe via a mic input, so you can have your favourite songs to sing. But see the following note. Surprise #2 There were different hosts each night, and some of them only knew the most basic functions so they can't even do pitch changes, never mind hooking up a phone. The qualifying rounds had the more knowledgeable hosts. Surprise #3 You don't have to sing well to place in the final. The third place singer was not very good, pitchy and all that, but she had friends as backup singers and dancers, and made a fun production. Surprise #4 You don't even have to sing to place in the final! The runner up was a gentleman who played the harmonica masterfully and soulfully. I don't know if these experiences are the same for every ship. In contrast during my earlier cruise on the Anthem, the sessions were held in the middle of the day, in the centre of the ship. So there were like a hundred people on two levels of the lounge looking at you sing. I thought about singing then but was intimated by that. And the final was held in Two70 which was packed to the rafters so you would be performing for a few hundred fellow guests! Afterwards I overheard one of the participants saying that she was just contacted to participate on that day. Also I didn't see printed song books and looked like you have to choose a song in their system directly. Would love to hear about experiences on other ships!
  11. Note the wait staff would come and sing for you, in Adventure they even clapped the menus together, to emulate fireworks I guess, which made me glad I did NOT request anything for my birthday since I'm not into that kind of thing.
  12. Recently on Adventure they had a Chocolate Buffet Theme night in the WJ during dinner, which was a big selection of cakes and individual desserts, (not all of them chocolate), and you had to ask the servers for them. Left overs were served at lunch the next day
  13. Would like to point out the "Tropical Green Tea" seen in this picture. It's got some herbs like lemon grass IIRC, and lighter than the "Sencha Green Tea". On Adventure not all the selections are available at one spot, they are different between the venues.
  14. My recent experiences on Adventure: French onion soup - soup is fine but virtually no onion pieces Crab cake - made with fake Crab so might as well call it fish cake Soufflé - I remember a time when it was served piping hot and the crust rising inches above the rim of the ramekin; now it's lukewarm, flat and dense, more like a pudding. Here is my write up of some of the vegan menu items
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