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  1. From our cruise just before this all blew up
  2. My husband drank his rum straight on our recent cruise pepsi just isn't the same
  3. Haha we arrived to the dining room the last night and there was all sorts of yelling. At first we thought it was a festive party atmosphere but it was clearly angry voices. Eventually a friend intervened and convinced one of the people to calm down and go elsewhere. We talked to one of our servers about this and he said it happens sometimes and usually the maitre d will take part of the problem to another dining room. Made for some excitement that's for sure Our first Carnival cruise was in a similar ship. In the past we had only cruised on Celebrity. Carnival doesn't really
  4. Looks like a nice day in the Dominican we had gotten too much sun on our excursion to st. John the day before so we spend most of the next day on the ship. St Thomas and the Virgin islands in general are by far my fave spot We had a similar meal on that formal night. The crab cake was so good
  5. I'm typically not a soup fan. I will try a fruit soup eventually. Just seems like dessert haha. That could be a thing dessert soup
  6. I was the same about those soups. I'm not sure I'd be a fan of fruit soup. The meatball the first night and minestrone one evening was so good. I also liked the beer and cheese one too
  7. We found Grand Turk a little sad. I understand why they might be turning away cruise ships though. It's such a small island any kind of horrible virus would just run its course through the entire population. San Juan we had a terrible tour guide and ended up leaving the tour early. She was aggressive and wouldn't let us ask any questions. Two people left the tour before us and she made a snarky comment. It was clear they were a bit offended by her delivery. We got so see some of the city though Did you try any of the soups in the main dining room? I'm not a soup
  8. Funny you said about the seafood shack. It wasn't until the last day I saw a family with some food from there. A gigantic plate of shrimp. As for the ship, I felt it was a bit tired. It needs a renovation. Bushing, the singing waiter was a better singer than any of the paid entertainers I heard around the ship. The piano bar guy was an amazing pianist but couldn't carry a tune, many of the main lobby performers couldn't either but Budhi was fantastic!!!! My son and I played shuffleboard in those winds. It was hilarious but fun
  9. Hey we were on this cruise too and we're told it wasn't full at all. There were like 250-500 fewer guests than usual I think they said. Our dining room seating was never ever very full Oh and we witness a drunken fight the last night in the dining room. Yikes
  10. Well we just arrived in Grand Turk. No port denial here. I have noticed a lot of people are using the hand washing stations . Keep clean
  11. So what line are you cruising with next? I've loved your posts thanks. Nice endured two days of people telling me we're insane to be going on the Conquest leaving Saturday. Your posts are making me super excited that is
  12. We're cruising this Saturday too. I talked with my husband today and his attitude was might as well go while we can. What if there ends up being an outbreak here soon and we aren't able to travel. We're coming to the states from Canada. We also lived through SARS living in the epicenter that was it for Canada. Just be smart. Wash your hands and don't aimlessly touch things.
  13. Hey congrats on 15 years. We're headed out on the conquest this Saturday to celebrate our 15rh anniversary which we reached earlier this month. With your lists you seem so organized. We tend to spend then groan at our visa bill next month. This was my packing situation yesterday. My shoes always get packed first!!!!
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