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  1. I need some imput, with the offer of for 1st class air to Alaska in 2020 , I see 2 dates that I can fit in to go , the 19th of August, And the 16th of Sept. Now there is a 1200 per person price difference for the same concierge suite. Why? Is the weather a factor? Has anybody gone in Sept? Is it much colder ? Are they trying to fill the ship? If by your experience there is little difference then it is a no brainer. It seems like everything that is offered is the same. Thanks as always.
  2. We just got back from Voyager after doing the Athens cruise ,your help with the flights and the other treads for info for us newbies helped make it outstanding. Now we are hooked. Looking at Alaska in August from Seaward to Vancouver. Which airlines do Regent book with from Boston ? I looked on matrix like you told me before American,Alaska,United, and Delta came up. Free First Class to Alaska for 2020. Which way would you go and why? Thanks as always.
  3. Hi SITA, my TA I think said DEC.20th is our deviation day. Does that sound right to you? I've given them my ideal flight. Trip SEPT.16th 2019
  4. Hi Sita, sounds like a great cruise. We are newbies for Regent and are looking forward to the cruise. Travelcat2 and other experts are a big help in leading us in the right direction. Thanks to all. I'm sure I will have other questions that I will need help with and knowing someone is there to help ease the tension is nice. Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks DeepFreeze68, looking forward to your report. We are on the same cruise next Sept. Any recommendations welcomed. Thanks
  6. Thank You Travelcat2, never knew of this website, my dates are not up yet. we are leaving on the 13th of Sept. and coming back on the 26th 2019. We also are deviating , Luf. flights are up now. Do they use BA, their up also? My TA said that I can't request until 270 days ahead. I'm a newbie to Regent and your help is really great. After reading many of your posts, how do you find an experienced Luxury TA for future Regent Cruises if this one doesn't work out? They all say they are experts.Your knowledge makes everybody as calm as can be . Thank You for your time , I'll probably be back in touch , when my dates can be researched. Thanks
  7. Need Help, can somebody with knowledge of what airlines they use in Boston to go to Athens and best routes, we are coming in 2 days early in Sept.2019. When I'm able to deviate , I can present this to my TA. Thanks
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