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  1. petlady7

    How good or bad is the Turtle Farm?

    Dreadful , allowing tourists to handle the poor turtles with no supervision , exploiting wildlife for money , we went a few years ago with our young daughters and were appalled , wont be going again
  2. Hi , We are on this cruise , looking forward to Christmas and NY on a ship for the first time Zoe & Kelvin
  3. petlady7

    Cheating !!

    Completely cheating and having a tummy tuck and lipo next month before our cruise in Jan , so excited:D
  4. petlady7

    Currency in mexican ports

    Hi From past experience we have always used USD in mexican ports but I am sure I have read somewhere that they are now asking for pesos , has anybody had any recent experiences ? Cabo and Huatulco specifically please
  5. petlady7

    Cabo San Lucas - Camels

    Yes I have and their response was to ask the excursion manager on the ship to inculude it , don't think it is going to be that easy somehow , wrote to P&O who told me the same thing
  6. petlady7

    Cabo San Lucas - Camels

    I have been looking for a tour company as P&O do not offer this excursion but all the companies I have contacted or looked at do not offer this tour to cruise passengers !!:mad:
  7. petlady7


    Hi can anybody recommend a good snorkelling beach close to the port , hoping to have a wander around town in the morning and a few hours snorkelling after lunch , we don't want to be paying a lot for a taxi , any help much appreciated
  8. petlady7

    Pesos or USD

    Hi The last few times we have been to Mexico we have used USD but have read somewhere that they prefer pesos and that maybe the rules have changed and we have to use pesos , any thoughts please ?
  9. petlady7


    OK , thank you , will keep checking daily
  10. petlady7


    Hi , does anybody know when the excursions can be booked on cruise personalizer for Jan please ?
  11. petlady7

    Island Wide Family Tours Snorkeling

    Just had a look at their website , a bit pricey to say the least 550 USD
  12. Hi Does anybody know if there is a good beach close by to where the ship docks to snorkel from or have any information on small boats that may take us out to some of the more deserted islands cheaply , we do not want to be paying out a lot for transportation if we can help it , thank you
  13. petlady7

    Age on longer cruises

    Hi I was just wondering what the average age of passengers normally is on the longer cruises of 35 days or more ?
  14. petlady7

    World Cruise - Currencies

    I thought with them being a mastercard that they would be accepted anywhere that displays the mastercard symbol
  15. petlady7

    Packing for a 40 night cruise - help

    Thank you everyone for your tips , much appreciated