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  1. We are researching our choices for a southbound Alaska cruise tour. What are the pros and cons of starting in Anchorage (Whittier) or Fairbanks?
  2. How does RCCL handle diapers in the cabins? Do they bring a diaper pail to your cabin?
  3. Has anyone ever had any issues with returning a rental car to Budget 1 mile away from the port? Super long lines? We plan to drop one of us with the luggage at the port and then go to the car rental and take the shuttle back.
  4. What is "Special Needs Group" Is that thru RCCL?
  5. My husband needs to rent a w/c for our Jan. cruise. I know the companies deliver them to the stateroom, but has anyone had one delivered to the handicapped check in area instead? He is going to need it for embarkation. I know the ship has w/c available for embarkation and debarkation, but our past experience is a very long wait for one to become available since people who are leaving the ship stay in them until their transportation arrives. We brought our own transport chair last year but it would not go over many of the door jams and was a complete hassle! So we want to rent an
  6. I always bring a medical mask with me because there are people who will smoke on the balcony at night when no one can see them. My DH laughs at me but I refuse to let some jerk ruin my balcony time. Can't stand the stink. And when the ship is sailing, the backwind often carries the smoke. We have also reported smokers that we could see and security was there quickly.
  7. Does RCCL have it's own hotels/lodges like Princess does?
  8. Several years ago, we had rented a car to get to the port; dropped one person off at the port with all the luggage while the other of us returned the rental car and took the shuttle back to the port. Is this still possible to do at Port Everglades? I am wondering if security still allows private cars to enter the port drop-off area?
  9. If we take a land cruisetour along with an Alaskan cruise, are there any Diamond perks on the land part of the tour?
  10. I need to tell you all that are recommending a transport chair, that for us, it was a nightmare because those little wheels get stuck on some of the door jams! We were on The Navigator. My husband had to either use it as a walker or get up until I could get the chair over it. I was SOOO frustrated by the end of the cruise, I was ready to throw the thing overboard! You are right in saying it is best to bring your own chair b/c people were waiting for a long time on embarkation. The chairs were all still being used by those disembarking. If my husband still needs a chair by next cruise (post sp
  11. Last Feb., we had to cx our cruise just 3 weeks before sailing since my hubby needed surgery. We were reimbursed by our travel insurance company for everything including the non-refundable deposit. Later, we received an email from RCCL telling us that we have a voucher for a future cruise, BUT IF we had been reimbursed for our costs, then that negates the voucher. To use it would be considered insurance fraud.
  12. On the Radiance class deck plans, there is a narrow space between cabins 8614 and 8616. Does anyone know what that is?deck.bmpdeck.bmpdeck.bmpdeck.bmp
  13. We have been looking to cruise New England in Sept. of 2020. I am amazed at the price of a balcony cabin would be $4000+ from any of the ports! Why so much for a 7 day cruise even before the fall leaves would be an attraction? And there is a HUGE price difference between an oceanview & balcony cabin....like $800 per person difference on some. Crazy!
  14. Is there a cruise that combines both itineraries? I can't seem to find one.
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