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  1. I agree, I don't really like the new design for one reason in particular. When I search up cruises, it will give the name of the itinerary, but not the ship! I like to see all the info at a glance, the date, itinerary, and the ship. I hate having to click on every sailing just to see what ship it is on. Should be a given to include that info at a glance... My 2 cents edit: Sometimes when I search now, I get a ship name at the bottom. Sometimes not. I guess they are working on it... hopefully.
  2. If you've never had a mini, and the price is right, and the location of where you'd have your cabin is right, then go for it! Don't forget when deciding on the price to add in the extra cost of the stateroom gratuities as I believe they are a bit higher, depending on the length of your cruise it may/may not be a consideration. That said, my 2 cents of thought is, try it out if it fits your criteria. FWIW, I talked my DH into trying a balcony once, and now we always have one Enjoy.
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