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  1. Can I apply the FCC to an already booked cruise (March 2022) and still receive the $600 OBC? Pretty sure the answer is no but just curious.
  2. I agree 100%. Very few people would want thousands of strangers running around their town potentially spreading the virus. This seems like a great compromise to ease the fears of the locals to allow the ports to open to cruise ships. Can't go full throttle starting out. We have to take baby steps. After vaccines are out things will start to get back to "normal" (or this might be the new normal).
  3. Noticed they mentioned EXCURSION PLANNING. Guess all excursions will have to be booked through the cruise lines. I can understand this. At least the excursions will have to follow safety protocol.
  4. Here's what the "fine print" says: All travel involving funds from this credit voucher must be completed within one year from the date of the original booking. Voucher is non-transferable.
  5. We cancelled our Allegiant Flight scheduled for July and received a voucher for a future flight. It says we have to take the flight within 1 year or original booking. We originally booked the flight Nov 2019 and it says we need to fly by Nov 2020. We don't plan on flying by then so we will be out the entire fare. I did come up with an idea: Go ahead and use the voucher to book a flight with no intention of going BUT purchase travel insurance with the ability to cancel for any reason. This way we would only be out for the cost of the insurance instead of the whole fare. Would this work??
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