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  1. Thanks so much for your trip report - We will be boarding the POA this coming Saturday - it will be my first visit to Hawaii.
  2. Yes, it was every day til 0930 (except the last day). The first few days of the cruise there weren't many people there but towards the end it got a little more crowded. However, we were able to easily get a seat and not have to fight the crowds in the buffet line. I highly recommend it for breakfast.
  3. Our itinerary was a little different than most. We only had Monday night and Tuesday in St Petersburg. On Saturday afternoon after returning from our Mecklenburg tour in Germany I went to Guest Services and was assigned group 2 for leaving the ship. However, there was nothing given to me to show we were in group 2 so when the time came it didn't matter what group you were in - everyone wanted to get off at once. The ship arrived in St Petersburg around 6 PM on Monday and our tour was at 8. People on the ship excursions were meeting in the theater. So around 6:30 we found 2 chairs at O'Sheehans closest to the elevators and the theater. We sat there for about 45 minutes when one of the cruise staff came by and announced that anyone on independent tours could proceed to the theater. We went in and were seated in the second row. About 15 minutes later they lead us to the Gangway. We were among the first to get to our tour group that night. The next day we were supposed to meet our tour group at 0830 so we proceeded from breakfast at Moderno down the stairs one level to deck 7 around 0800 thinking we would be able to walk off without a problem. When we came to the mid ship staircase area people were already lined up and the line wrapped around the whole area. They finally announced that groups 1 and 2 could disembark and everyone no matter the group number started pushing through to get to the stairs and get off. It was a mess, but we did finally get off and join our tour group about 30 minutes late.
  4. I just got off the Getaway a week ago. I loved the ship - didn't have any issues with overcrowding with the exception of disembarkation in St Petersburg. The atrium got a little crowded at times but we were always able to find seats. Because it was a Baltic cruise we didn't use the pool deck so can't really comment on that, although we did eat outside a few times when the weather was nice. We never had problems finding a table when we ate at the buffet. Not sure where the negative reviews are coming from. I would sail on the Getaway again.
  5. I have been in a Studio three times and loved it. They are perfect for solo travelers. Guess they aren't for everyone, enjoy your cruise.
  6. That might be the reason. I did book it around November.
  7. I'm on a 9 night cruise in August and NCL is insisting I only have 3 meals. I am going to talk to them again.
  8. My promo's also disappeared. I did call and had them added back in but now it shows I owe them 316.00 even though I am paid in full. I called back and they said there is a note on my reservation that they are working on getting the 316.00 taken off - I told them I would check back next week - my cruise is in August. Just checked again and it looks to be all sorted out. I now show paid in full and all of my promos are included.
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