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  1. Yep, there it is! Thanks Thrak. 🙂
  2. How are you guy's confirming the credit on your account? Via the travel summary, or do they send an email etc when they apply it?
  3. I was booked on Sky the 1st part of Dec. We moved to a January sailing, and I doubt that one will sail either. Maybe our April cruise??
  4. Has anyone noticed the chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for Speedcast International? This is a company that provides internet access at sea. Ships, Oil rigs etc. I wonder how this will affect our access to the Internet once we start sailing again.
  5. Ding! Ding Ding! I forgot about this.
  6. Tried to book ezair for a April 2021 Cruise. After selecting flights it wanted payment today. 1st time I have seen this. Is it a new policy?
  7. We were not able to upgrade today, But they put us on a list and said they would call us back later this week. We called at around 9:30 PST. I suspect that the casino cabins were running low on the cruise we wanted.
  8. We got an inside, with 250$ in free play. Plus drinks etc. I did notice it was a little strange on payment. We paid all fees, Insurance etc in advance. Is this normal now?
  9. Our 1st Alaska cruise was on the Golden. The magic started with a free upgrade to a full suite, Had a very nice run in the casino. Including winning an Ipad and 500$ from the stupid Key Machine. We had most of the family with us and had perfect weather the whole cruise. Lots of good memories. Fair Winds and Following seas Golden. 🙂
  10. Yep, I have spent that on many a casino weekend.
  11. I plan on buying at 5$
  12. I have found that the steak being replaced with a burger is not that big of a deal. They have a nice beef dish almost every evening. Prime Rib, Roast Beef, Strip steak, Surf and Turf, Beef Wellington, etc etc.
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