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  1. cobeck

    Silhouette 21st October

    I take wrinkle release spray. Several brands available at our local stores but Pinterest has one “recipe “ to make your own. Only need a small bottle and then usually hang in the bathroom to get steamed if needed.
  2. cobeck

    Silhouette 21st October

    I agree with irons and steamers not being allowed but I have never had a problem with my curling irons. Just my experience.
  3. cobeck

    Do Slot Machines Accept Cash?

    We don’t play often but always use cash. Your seapass card can track your play if you insert it.
  4. We did this cruise on Celebrity Eclipse in 2016. While we have never been on Disney, we loved our Princess to Alaska cruise. That was in 2005 so things change but I wouldn’t hesitate between the two to find the itinerary we want. We do tend to favor Celebrity as it is a good fit for us.
  5. cobeck

    Reflection Oceanview Cabins

    We were not in that area but friends were and said they had no noise problems. They do stay up quite late. The only complaint was the sharks that kept looking in the window LOL!
  6. We were just on the Silhouette in April and we had the classic drink package. Several evenings we had the Affogato with Kahlua over the top at no extra charge. So delicious.
  7. cobeck

    Concierge binocular questions

    IMHO. Worthless! LOL
  8. cobeck

    Cruising from Civitavecchia

    We booked a hotel that had transfer available for a small fee. Hotel Traiano was clean and included a nice breakfast.
  9. i am looking at info regarding the Visa I know we will need in Australia/ New Zealand. Have any of you been able to use the electronic version with a US passport? Their website was a bit confusing. Thanks for any help and information.
  10. cobeck

    back-to-back questions

    What happens if at the end of the first we will become elite? Do we just go to Captains Club Desk to get the upgrade for the second leg?
  11. cobeck

    Port of Everglades/ Ft Lauderdale

    Colocop004, it could just be different angles and because it is dark there isn’t helping the confusion. I will look at it during daylight tomorrow. Thanks.
  12. I was watching the webcam at Ft Lauderdale and noticed there is a separate webcam for Port of Everglades. I always thought they were the same port but am I mistaken?
  13. cobeck

    Mykonos things to do, etc.

    We rented a quad for the day (at Rick Steves suggestion.). Figured on an island if you keep the ocean on the right you are bound to get back. Very inexpensive. Returned it in plenty of time to have a drink on the water and say hello to resident Pelican. Beautiful island.
  14. cobeck

    Currency needed Caribbean?

    Good news, thanks!
  15. Will I need to exchange US currency for shopping/ dining in San Juan or St Maarten. I know I can do it on the ship but trying to think ahead. Thanks