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  1. ooomwizard

    Playa Mia - Cozumel

    Caution: don't let the taxi's mess with you. I've had occasions where the driver will want to "wait" on you till you want to head back to port. Then they'll try to charge you for a whole day. Just say "no thanks, don't wait." Know your price when you leave the taxi area, (there are signs with rates) and know your price for the drive back. Tips a little extra than the fare if you like. Give yourself sufficient time for the ride back. And, above all, relax!
  2. ooomwizard

    Carnival Singles activities/meetups NOT

    The whole dang cruise is a single meet-n-greet to me!
  3. I bring beach towels from home. Cheap, usually well worn and I don't care if I lose or leave it. And they don't say 'Carnival' should beach bums want to snatch some short term tourist stuff.
  4. It should be the normal program as on all the other boats. Don't know what you've been reading but it's not worth any worry. You'll have great fun! Or, great relaxation!
  5. ooomwizard

    5 day Paradise or Sensation?

    Fantastic snorkeling in Grand Cayman right near the pier, and it's free! Even rental equipment available. But, go for the short drive and enjoy more vacation time! Have fun!
  6. ooomwizard

    Ques regarding tips

    Tips are automatic placed on your SS account when you depart, unless you prepay for them. How you pay is up to you, but I imagine Verizon gift cards from the Carnival program would work. Try them at check in on day of departure. :D
  7. ooomwizard

    Spa treatments- which were your faves?

    Pedi was outstanding. Back massage chair, foot soak, scrub clean trim and buff. Resort pricing but worth it. Guys... do it!
  8. ooomwizard

    Pride Chef's table

    I think it was Pinot Grigio too. Might have been Barefoot or Cupcake
  9. ooomwizard

    Carnival Pride 22 Feb - 1 Mar 2015

    The MDR singing and dancing appeals to many more than it offends. Also, the Martre d's singing. (Ken has a fantastic voice.) I would deem this as an added benefit/entertainment value. Personally I could take it or leave it after seeing it many times. The fun of it, however, is seeing the delight that others have. Many join in with the dancing and laughs abounded when Ken sat on a man's lap and sang to him. I could see how many first time and even seasoned cruisers relish this entertainment. I'm content to sit and enjoy the enjoyment of the others. And I'll relinquish the few minutes it takes to allow others to experience their own great time. It's not that tedious an imposition. We can go back to our own talking soon enough and probably not miss anything so important that's not been said or can't wait. Even the Happy Birthday's/Anniversary's get redundant, but that's what you get when you are with a large amount of people, on vacation! 1 vote MDR entertainment.
  10. ooomwizard

    To all Baltimore Pride cruisers ....

    Arrived at port at 11:00 was on by 11:30. Would have been faster but they were having a staff meeting when we arrived. (GF was mad we got there too early as she had read that boarding started at 1:00. Cruise newbie, ha!) Debark day ship arrives around 6:30 am. Self-assist started about 8:30ish. We, zone 1, waited in exit line about 10 minutes once called. (Go to rear elevators. The line is much shorter than line through casino.)
  11. ooomwizard

    Carnival Call

    They're just making sure it's easy to get the previous passengers off easily.
  12. ooomwizard

    To all Baltimore Pride cruisers ....

    We also just got off of the Pride. I've seen Carnival food decline over the years but this cruise was a fantastic surprise. The food was a better quality than I've seen in years. Burrito/Taco bar was great, but open far to few hours. Guys burgers was also great and always open. Main dining room was on par but had some phenomenal selections and only a couple of duds. (Red Snapper was returned to kitchen by two ladies at my table. Was like rubber.) Ship is spotless. Galley is spotless (Chefs table) and pictures taken inside galley were welcomed. Ken (maitre d') sings like Sinatra. Stewards and staff were on par. Only an occasional minor delay in getting/placing a drink order. Dance club (Beauties) was nearly always vacant and I believe it's due to it's layout on this class of ship. (ie. Legend) Other Carnival ships clubs with different floor plans have been packed or much busier. Comedy club was well staffed with varied entertainers. Embarkation/debarkation was incredibly fast and efficient. (Tampa) Cabin was perfectly maintained. (Do miss the bowl of free bath goodies from days gone by though.) Pride is my favorite Carnival ship to date. I'm looking forward to judging another! Enjoy!
  13. ooomwizard

    Pride Chef's table

    GF had the white, and no chance of me remembering what it was. Pretty sure it was one of their cheaper on-board selections.
  14. ooomwizard

    Pride Chef's table

    It was Champagne (sparkling wine) first thing. Started serving drinks while gathering at the Atrium bar in front of the services desk. Then, more champagne during the galley tour tastings and melting chocolate demo. Then, your choice of red or white wine during dinner in the "Beauties" nightclub. You will be FULL when you leave. I didn't finish a course unless I loved it. Think it was 11 courses/tastings plus dessert(s.) Treat it as an excursion and have fun with your tablemates. Worth doing at least once. GL!
  15. ooomwizard

    Chair hog solution?

    If you're Diamond send word to the wheel house or captain and they'll adjust the course for you! :eek: :D:D