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  1. I had a Japan cruisetour planned for this July which was paid in full over the course of a year. Then Covid struck and the subsequent "pauses". It took Princess 87 days to give me back over 12k.I filed no CC dispute and had very little if any communication from Princess. But during those 87 days I found it very stressful pondering if and when I would receive my refund. I still want to cruise and miss it. I booked the same cruisetour for September 2021 with FCC ($200). But a lot depends on my end if the wife and I will even go. Common sense, vaccine, quarantine and overall safety will decide. A
  2. I checked my AMEX account this morning and after 87 days of waiting and filing NO CC dispute I received my full refund of 12k. Cruisetour-Highlights of Japan Land 7/4 Cruise 7/9 Diamond Princess Date if Cancelation April 3, 2020 about 10 days before Princess Cancelled Sent 2 unanswered emails, No other communication with Princess since April 3
  3. I had a Highlights of Japan cruise on Diamond scheduled for July 2020 which I cancelled. Princess canceled about ten days later. Anyway, the ship has had a soft goods turn around and completely disinfected. Right now IIMHO it is no worse than any other ship on any other line. It's clean. I am more concerned with the development of a vaccine over the course of the next year than worrying about the chances of Covid being onboard. I will take Princess at their word a through cleaning has taken place and will be maintained. I have booked the same cruisetour for September 2021 on the same ship and
  4. Unfortunately, I have reached the same conclusion. I have sent an email off to Princess and address I got from aa prior post. I got an automated reply back telling me it was received. I will need this for my CC Company. Trying to get my ducks in order before I file a CC dispute after July 3 (90 days). That is when my patience with Princess ends concerning refunds and I will do what I have to do.
  5. So let me ask. Same cuisse and the same outlay of funds. (12k) When do you expect a full refund? Have you had any communication from Princess? Also, to note I canceled under the PPP (insurance) 4 days before penalties kicked in.
  6. Best I could find. March to May Phase 1, May to June 30 Phase 2, My July date and beyond phase 3. Check this link from the Princess site or reread through this thread. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-extended.html
  7. last I heard was cruise date. I know there are 3 phases and those in phase 1 seem to be getting some (not many) postings here. Just getting tired of no formal communication from Princess in my case 60+ days and I know people in Phase 1 (March) are still waiting.
  8. I canceled a July Japan Cruisetour on April 3 about 10 days before Princess canceled. Up until that point I had paid 12k to Princess. The only communication that I received from Princess concerning this booking was the confirmation of cancelation of April 3. My TA told me 30-60 days to receive the refund. Well it's 60+ days and still no communication. I get most of the information from this thread. I get the phases, times of refund to post 30-90 days or from date of cruise ( maybe October?). I have not filed a CC dispute. I have been patient. My plan is to wait another 30 days for my Cr
  9. Well I thought by just using the Princess Insurance I would not fall into that scenario. But my TA this morning confirmed the above. Refund to be disbursed by voyage & date. Earliest to expect it, if at all, would be September for me that is about 6 months from my cancelation date in April. My intention, even more so now, is to file a CC dispute as I have planned next month.
  10. Yes for us it is a good deal of money saved over a 12 month period. It was for a cruisetour of Japan. Yes, I well may loose the money but what bothers me the most is that this cruise was a special occasion for our 50th Wedding Anniversary and we did the little extra things and add on amenities for the cruisetour to make it a memorable experience.
  11. I cancelled my July cruise using Princess Protection Insurance on April 3 the final payment due date was April 20th. Princess subsequently did cancel. I have acknowledgement from Princess that the cruise was cancelled on April 3rd. My TA told me at that time it would be 30-60 days for a refund. I have received nothing as yet. I made payments over the course of a year to lower my final payment. In all I'm into Princess for over 12k. It is my intent to file a CC dispute on June 3rd after the completion of 60 days. I have seen the other threads here on CC concerning refunds and imho I have my dou
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