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  1. Yes, he emailed me back. I will contact him again later in the year. Thanks, Barb
  2. Todd.. did you hear anything yet? I just sent an email for next April. Will wait and see if he replies.
  3. We like the Holiday Inn aExpress, 1500 17th St. Lots of shopping behind it and also across the street.
  4. BTW - thanks for the pics. That’s awesome!
  5. Do you know can you open the balcony door between D227 & D229? Our friends are in the room next to us with the small balcony.
  6. Barb0617, I have this cabin on the Enchanted Princess booked for March 2022. Do you know if the balcony door will open between this balcony and the one beside with the short balcony? Also, how was this cabin?
  7. This might be a silly question....but what is “lift and shift”?
  8. It has something to do with US regulations that they had to refund my Moncton to FLL flight with Celeb Air...at first they told me it would have to be a credit because I had non refundable flight but I told them that Air Canada cancelled the flight before Celeb cancelled it so it should be refunded. They checked and it is in the US Regulation that Iwas entitled to refund.
  9. I had already checked with TD BEFORE I got the refund....they told me to wait 3 day after I see it posted to my account and then cal them back and they will transfer the credit to my account. I called the 800 # on the back of my credit card. I will call them Friday to get mine done.
  10. Success! Called yesterday and they told me it was pushed to my credit card on May 6 and this morning some of it is there including my non-refundable flights. Expect the rest tomorrow. Apr 13 Reflection - cancelled by Celebrity on Mar 24 - refund requested Mar 24. Good luck everyone!
  11. So I’m super annoyed today. Was booked on Celebrity Reflection for Apr. 13 and my sister was booked on a Royal Caribbean ship on Apr. 27 ....when the announced on Mar 24th that we would be cancelled I immediately let Celebrity know I wanted a refund and then called my sister to tell her she could apply for a refund and she did. Her refund was posted to her visa on Apr 19th..... I still do not have my refund. There is no rhyme or reason to this.....smarten up Celebrity.
  12. Are you sure that is for all or just for the new ones being issued after that announcement.
  13. So, do you know...is the credit going to be with the airline or with Celebrity Air
  14. Agree, but for those of us who lost our jobs 6 weeks ago...the refund we are owed sure would help. It shouldn’t be up to the blue collar workers to finance cruise lines.
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