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  1. We are doing two tours while we are Venice in July 2020 you may want to look at them both. One is Dolomites Tour to the Alps and the other is the Amarone wine tasting tour in the Valpolicella. The tour company is OutsideVenice they were quick to get back to me and I like the fact that I pay nothing until the day of the tour. https://outsidevenice.com/ Like you we have been to beautiful Venice before so were looking for something new to do. Safe travels, Ed
  2. No my post said read your contract and if banned leave it at home!
  3. Thanks my last cruise was September 2018 and steamers were not listed. Darn will not bring one, will have to pay for ironing service!
  4. As I said we take a travel steamer always and do not hide it is always seen by the security personal as it is on top in my carry on. What you need to do as everyone should do is READ YOUR CRUISE DOCUMENTS (contract) sent out to us by Celebrity just before our cruises. The contract clearly lists the rules and clearly states all banned items guess what steamers are not listed. It is very clear! Maybe they just added steamers to the list of banned items if so I will not bring one but I doubt it. The web site does not RULE but your documents (contract) does review it before you leave if steamers have been added leave it at home. Anyone who has used a steamer knows they are very safe and no more a fire hazard than most other electrical devices we use everyday in life.
  5. I have always taken a travel steamer, never tried to hid it have it in my carry on bag security has never said a word nor has the stateroom attendant. Safe I think so much safer than a curling iron, or a cell phone left on its charger. I find it odd that cruises out of England they put a teapot in all the rooms, Irons I understand they stay hot for some time even after they are shut off.
  6. Aqua Class because of Blu the food and service is no better or worse than the main dining room but its noise level and overall dining experience is so much better. There is lots of good Aqua Class cabins mid ship, if not I would take the best priced balcony cabin available. Concierge has little value to me unless it is the location I want.
  7. Only $800.00 more get the suite! We always take AQ and are very happy with the cabin because of the hugh price difference for the cost of a suite. My next cruise AQ vs. a suite was $5,000.00 difference in price.
  8. I agree there is no way this will get you elite status.
  9. Thank you for the advise...I googled it and looks great something I will not miss. Thanks again!
  10. No I did not but just did thank you. It seems more of a budget hotel with a lower rating on TripAdvisor. Plus the Quincy has a open bar all day, meals all day, stocked mini bar in the room, all this adds up. Not that we plan on eating every meal there.
  11. We had friends stay at the Quincy Hotel and loved it. I just booked it for our 2 night pre-cruise for our February Cruise, the hotel is all inclusive, food drinks, mini bar, snacks, etc. The reviews are great and the price is excellent. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g294265-d1235512-Reviews-Quincy_Hotel_by_Far_East_Hospitality-Singapore.html#REVIEWS
  12. We love Blu not that the food and service is any better or worse than the main dining room but the atmosphere of blu. Yes the tables are tight but the room is small and so much quieter than the loud MDR. I love not having to make a reservation and can go when we want. The specialty dinning you need to set a time for dining.
  13. I personally love AQ, only for BLU the few times in a AFT cabin were nice but not a big deal and we spend very little time on the veranda and want a mid-ship cabin location. Its a long walk to most everything from the AFT of the ship. I do not think it matters what cat. or your cabins club level for a Main Dinning room table location its how and who you ask. I have tried tipping $50.00 for a better location the Maitre d refused the cash but did the second night give us a better table. He took the cash from me though the last night of the cruise for excellent service.
  14. We normally take Aqua Class but our last cruise on the Millenium I was able to get a group rate on a OV Deck 3 Cabin 3108 and loved it. We went with the ocean view for three reason...we spend very little time on the balcony, the price was $1,200.00 less than the cheapest balcony stateroom and the deck 3 location was excellent for us.
  15. I think it is fair it costs money to book and cancel they should pass on the cost. You want to lock in your price plus keep shopping better deals right? Take out Travel Insurance it will cover your non-refundable deposit. No one is making any one go to the premium restaurants just do not go.
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