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  1. It will be much better to use a car service. You can email the service we use you may need two mini vans I was quoted 60 euro per van for July 2020: Email Irene at Conegliano Limo Service... coneglianolimoservice@gmail.com
  2. I loved my last stay at the Bauer Hotel a few steps from St. Marks square but you only have one night. Look at the Garden Hotel Olimpia...https://www.hotel-olimpia.com/ close to the cruise port you can drop off your luggage in the morning and off you go. The hotel is walking distance to all the sites, plus on the water so you can take a water taxi anywhere. Forget the people mover and the bus to the airport you can arrange for a private car with porter service for your bags for about 100 euros round trip. They meet you at the ship to take you to the hotel, porter service for 5 euro a bag over the bridge to the front desk, then from the hotel to the airport. Think about all the bags you are going to have to carry let them do it. Contact Irene for car service... coneglianolimoservice <coneglianolimoservice@gmail.com.
  3. Here is a link to the review I wrote.... https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g187870-d195002-r537430283-Bauer_Palazzo-Venice_Veneto.html
  4. St. Marks, nothing like it in the evening after all the crowds are gone. We will back in July 2020 cannot wait! My favorite hotel in the World is the Bauer Hotel in Venice.
  5. That’s what I expected and tried to point out in my post 42.
  6. Right now they have two prices for suites on their website one without any perks another at a higher price with all 4 perks. Which one am I bidding on? Never saw suites priced this way before. SE Asia departing 2/29/20.
  7. I do not think you get any of the extra perks or Captain club points. https://www.celebritycruises.com/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade/celebrity-moveup-faqs Celebrity move up rules.pdf
  8. Location is important to me so I only bid on the Celebrity or Royal Suite with a Suite who cares where it is located. I just bid the lowest amount if I get it great if not I like the cabin I already have just fine and have more shopping money for my wife.
  9. Until you experience Aqua class for yourself you will never know! So just do it!! For us Blu is great not that the food is any better or service but the dining room is much more intimate. On the M class ship I prefer A2 over A1 because of better access to the midship elevators.
  10. southernbreezes


    Great memories the Mardi Gras our first cruise together loved this ship. We are going on our 64th cruise to SE Asia in February. Still miss the grand old ships.
  11. First when there is a major storm and 1,000's are calling it's going to be hard to get anyone Celebrity or the airline. Celebrity Air is a travel company when I had my flights cancelled because of a storm I called the Airline direct but had the backup of Celebrity Air if needed. Both updated me with text messages. Sometimes I can not fly my preferred Airline (United) so it does me little good having "status" with them when flying Delta. Flying long distance I take the airline who has the shortest most direct flight and best arrival time. Once you book with Celebrity Air you can just deal with the airline by phone or online if you want go ahead pick your seats but you can not upgrade until you pay in full for the flights. Sometimes I do pay in advance sometimes I do not want to pay 6 months in advance.
  12. Exactly the same for me Celebrity Air on Delta to Europe, I picked my seats but cannot upgrade until final payment is made by me. Love the program of not having to make payment for Air until final cruise payment is due. We will wait and and worst case we do not upgrade and keep the great coach seats (location) I have reserved. Plus you have full control better service they have taken my calls and picked up within two minutes unlike the airlines 15-20 minutes. You get a email from them of any flight time change just like the airlines do. BUT...Flying to Singapore is 27.5 hour flight for us we are going in February we paid paid in full when we made the reservation and are taken Business Class.
  13. I would love to book direct with Celebrity but... what I have found that if you book a Suite the travel agent price is the same as the cruise line... but you can book all other cabins with a group booking with my big box travel agency and save $1,000's over Celebrity's pricing. I have no use for a on board credit to buy over priced tours, gifts, etc. I get all four perks so what else is there to buy, the $300.00 on board credit which is one of the perks is more than enough and hard enough to spend. I do love Celebrity Air program for flights!
  14. Thank you everyone for your input we are going to do a private tour and see Florence and Pisa. We booked with Italy Tours EU a 8-9 hour tour with driver and guide for 119 euros. Just can not pass up seeing Florence and Pisa for our first time.
  15. My first visit to the area our cruise docks July 13th. We have never seen Florence/Pisa our friends want to do the ships tour to Cinque Terre (they have been to Florence). Rick Stevens guide book says do not go to Cinque Terre on a over crowded ships tour. We may never go back do I miss seeing Florence/Pisa and go to Cinque Terre?
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