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  1. That's awesome! I'm going to use your route for the crawl on our cruise. Drink suggestion were they done by bartenders or cruisers? I'm thinking we will let the bartenders to do their thing! Cant find your signature but read you report. Thanks for sharing
  2. Have a fantastic cruise! That would be great thank you we will be on Joy in February. And want to do the pub crawl as well. Also if you remember could you let me know which deck we exit off of for ports, and if there is a meeting place near there for groups going on non-ship tours.
  3. When are you cruising? Before February 2nd? This sounds like something I would love! Please share!
  4. Trying to make plans for an upcoming Joy cruise and needing some assistance please. What deck do we embark or tender from on the ports? And a suggested meeting place to gather before excursions? Thanks in advance
  5. Bayside for sure lots to see there. We also did the boat tour of celebrity homes very cool!
  6. We are a family of 11 arriving at Orlando airport with 3 children all under the age of 3. Is there a company that can do a shuttle to our hotel on International drive, all of us in one vehicle? and do we need to bring the car seats for this service?
  7. I guess I'm buying a vibe pass for Alaska
  8. We are booked with them for a morning tour February 2020. Cant wait the pictures look amazing we were wondering if it be possible to rent a golf cart for the afternoon after woodwinds tour? Would there be enough time?
  9. Oh and the peanut butter tequila!!!
  10. Coconut shrimp at coconuts 🥥! 3 bite shrimp 🍤 Best I’ve ever had!
  11. tlm48

    Santa Marta

    is there anything current on Santa Marta? neither of those links work
  12. We just booked Joy for 2020 panama partial transit with the ABC's! so excited this is our third time through the Panama Canal first time on a cruise ship. I am reserving some private excursions if anyone is interested, usually can get a better rate if their is 6-10 people doing the tours. we are a couple in our early 60's.
  13. Just got off the February 9-16 Epic and loved the entertainment but looking at doing the A,B,C ‘s it’s now going to be epic out of San Juan so how often do they change the shows? Really don’t want to see everything again.
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