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  1. We will be there just after you, we arrive Oct 24, 2019 and our cruise leaves Nov 1. We opted for Darling Harbor due to it's central location and walking distance to just about everything we need. One year from today we will be in Sydney!
  2. Married15

    Packing Cubes

    I love my packing cubes. I got mine for Christmas one year but believe they came from Amazon. I also use one for each category of clothing. One for panties, bras, socks, swimsuits, one for skirts, dresses, one for pants, one for tops and one for pj's. When I get to my cabin I just take out the whole cube, (hang the dresses) leave the clothes in them, and put them in the drawer/shelf. So easy to unpack and pack and it helps me stay organized. When staying in a hotel, I just leave the clothes in the cubes in my suitcase. I generally roll the clothes before putting them in the cube, allows for more things to fit and less wrinkles.
  3. Married15

    Regal Princess

    I was just off The Regal a couple of weeks ago and can confirm there were numerous tables that sat 8-10.
  4. Married15

    Do You Miss Folks From Previous Cruises?

    We have friends all over the world that we have met while cruising. In fact, the couple we vacation with now every year we met on a cruise. We love meeting people from other parts of the world and learning about their cultures and beliefs. Helps you realize we are all the same.
  5. Married15

    Large Group dining on the Regal

    We were just off The Regal. We had anytime dining and usually went early (5:30). Every night next to us were a big group with 2 tables of 10. Not sure how they arranged it, but it can be done.
  6. Married15

    First cruise on Princess and impressed

    We just finished our first Princess Cruise on The Regal. We have taken many cruises, RCCL, Holland and Carnival. We LOVED Princess and have already booked our next Princess cruise. I think we will be life long Princess fans!
  7. Married15

    Regal forward facing balconies adjoining?

    We have L101 booked on Regal and our friends are in L102. Yes, these extra large balconies have a door that can be unlocked.
  8. Married15

    Status of Ocean Medallion?

    All internet plans have been removed from my Regal July cruise as well. However I just asked someone that just got off Regal about their internet in The Baltic and they said for the most part it worked fine.
  9. Married15

    Restrictions in St. Petersburg

    This is from a recent review of The Regal: Now, I must say- Princess is giving definite preference to it’s ship-based excursions. We received several letters in our cabin stating that “if you booked privately...” expect to wait until Princess tours depart. Expect delays in Passport Control. And they were correct. After I finished breakfast, I went to Concerto Dining Room to get my “ticket”. I was given number 567. I sat for about 5 minutes before they called 550 to 600. It took me only a few minutes to disembark. I was directed to one of the lines in Passport Control. They asked for my passport and my tour ticket. Fortunately, I had printed this. If you do not purchase a Princess tour or book a private tour- you will need to secure a visa. I am not sure how one does this—and I am only telling you this as a warning. St. Petersburg is NOT a “walk-off port”. In Passport Control, my passport was actually scrutinized and my tour ticket was checked against a list. This is notably different than my first visit to this port in 2007. (On that cruise, Princess collected our passports on board and they were checked out of our presence. The passports were returned to us after we left Russia.). This line took about 25 minutes to negotiate.
  10. Married15

    Just returned from Regal Princess Baltic Cruise

    How was your ship internet? There have been posts about it being hit or miss, mostly miss. I am hoping they have it figured out.
  11. Married15

    Status of Russia port of call

    Thank you for the update.
  12. Can't wait to hear (read) all about your trip! We are taking the same cruise in July. I like your style. Have a great time!
  13. I am told the formal nights are the sea day after Warnemunde (some folk embark there) and the evening of Helsinki.
  14. Married15

    Majestic Princess Cabin L103

    We have booked a forward balcony L101 for our upcoming Austrailia/New Zealand cruise on the Majestic as well. Normally, we (along with hundreds of others) gather on the forward deck on sail in to get the view of whichever port we are sailing into. Now we will have our very own private viewing spot at the front of the ship. Before I booked, I read reviews and watched Youtube videos of these cabins on Royal and Regal. All reviews were more than positive. It may be a bit chilly out there in New Zealand, but I can be in my pajamas and wrapped up in a blanket if need be. We can't wait. Let me know how you liked it, as our cruise is not until 2019. Have a great trip!
  15. Married15

    WiFi calling with Verizon

    We downloaded the Verizon app "Message +" on our tablet, linked our cell numbers, and were able to get all text messages as well as make and receive phone calls via wifi while on the ship.