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  1. We asked about this when we were offered a much lower cost for booking non refundable way, we are told cruise with confidence does cover you to recieve the non refundable part as a FCC. Sami.
  2. Did they extend your annual Prime free cruise? i phoned today to try and re arrange my cancelled free annual cruise and was told i still had to sail before March 31st?? When i queried that saying i had read it had been extended they said no it definitely hadn't been extended.
  3. The beds are firm, if the comforter style toppers aren't thick enough to soften the mattress then ask for a bunk bed mattress, they are slightly slimmer than the bed but much softer, I tried the topper route and was nearly in tears from not sleeping for 4 days and having them just put what is basically a couple of duvet's on my mattress, since ive been asking for the mattress its been much better.
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