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  1. There needs to be a plan for positive tests at the port as well. Lets say I have a negative PCR 3 days before leaving. I fly across the country, get ready to board and get a positive. Regardless of it being false or accurate there needs to be a plan other than "ok good luck see ya".
  2. Had Ovation booked since before Quantum was an option, I do see that the Quantum cruises don't list Inside Passage cruising on the itinerary. Is there maybe a max number of ships allowed through the inside passage each year and Quantum can't? Went ahead and stayed with Ovation due to that difference.
  3. Booked my first Celebrity cruise this week and found a lot of oddities with the online booking tool. Prices varied quite a bit with refreshes, I also had included bev package appear, disappear, reappear again. I even tried an incognito window and still seems to be random offers. Kept trying until I found the best and booked it, but not a great experience. RCCLs isn't great, but seemed a lot more consistent than Celebrity's.
  4. In a perfect world I'd drive to Carcross and take the train but I dont see any one way rental options. I think the one through Chilkoots being what we end up doing.
  5. That is perfect, thanks! Is there much risk of missing the boat? I typically do shorter excursions on my own, but a full day one has me a bit nervous not doing it through royal.
  6. Has anyone done this tour, interested in a schedule if so. Can't seem to find any reviews online for this specific one. Seems like a coach through the lakes and the swap onto the White Pass railway at Caracross. Really hard to compare all the difference versions available.
  7. Currently have an Aug 30th booked out of Galveston and another next May to Alaska. If cruises resume end of July and don't have issues we'll go, if we're the first to go or there are issues early August we'll cancel and push that money to the Alaska cruise.
  8. Just booked Liberty in August, not many large reviews so excited to read about your experiences.
  9. Just booked two for our cruise in a year at $1499 a piece. That said my fiance and I and family and friends are taking the cruise for us to get married on St Thomas so with a group of 13+ adults I think it makes sense for us. Building it into the wedding budget as a thank you gift for everyone. I do have my fingers crossed the price goes down between now and then but glad I was able to snag two of them for our group.
  10. Are those new cabins oceanview? I'm not seeing a balcony.
  11. Nah, sitting here watching them still loading bags at 9:20. Todays been a complete cluster.
  12. Perfect, thanks guys. Hoping for the best as the official sheet still says $12.
  13. Anyone on Oasis class recently see what the max price was for drinks covered under the package? I thought I read $13 for Oasis class but now just seeing $12 mentioned. If they did drop it back to $12 did they decrease $13 drinks to $12 or just exclude a bunch from the package? Thanks,
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