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  1. Of all the lines that I've cruised Carnival is definitely the most "dressed down" on "dress up" night. I really don't care except that I do draw the line at baseball caps in the dining room. Maybe it's old school, I still think that's out of line in a nice dining room. Not going to spoil my meal for sure, just don't think it belongs in a nicer dining room/restaurant.
  2. From what I can see, no, it really isn't.
  3. Can't imagine it. It's not Carnival's choice. It's a shame, that was the port I was most looking forward to on our upcoming cruise. They replaced it with Nassau on ours - would rather just stay at sea honestly.
  4. Don't know the amounts but the ingredients are: Spiced Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Filthy black cherry syrup, lemon, agave nectar, aquafaba
  5. Thanks for these as well, may have to do some planning ahead of time to make sure we don't miss anything!
  6. Thanks so much for doing this!!!!
  7. Totally agree. Am vaccinated and fully expect there to be cases when I sail. HOWEVER - I don't expect people to be dying.
  8. That's the risk of booking during hurricane season. On the plus side, you have a great big, beautiful ship and TONS of food options to keep you busy! 😜
  9. I hear ya, anytime I look at mini suites or suites, I think, okay I could do that OR I could go on TWO cruises.
  10. Agree with all except no masking in ports. The cruise line can't dictate that - impossible. If the port requires masks and you don't like it then don't get off the ship - easy solution. At least that way some people can get a break from the ship if they choose to. I wholeheartedly agree with the 100% vacc. though.
  11. Yup, our tux and sequin sparkles are gathering dust in the closet, at least until we go on Celebrity or Princess again, they still tend to dress up more.
  12. Received an email from Carnival on July 28th with itinerary changes. Looks like Grand Turk is out for a while longer, dang it..... Mardi Gras.pdf
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