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  1. On the Grand Princess they are flying a yellow flag to indicate the quarantine. Would think they would have the same meaning across ships but apparently not.
  2. Went on the Escape last October and so far one of our favorite ships!! Glad you had a good cruise!
  3. Going on the Breakaway in a few months and so happy to hear how much you enjoyed the ship. We booked this one based on how much we loved the Escape so sounds like it was a good decision.
  4. LOVE THIS!!!!!! Too many people get caught up in the nit picky and forget how fortunate they are to even be on vacation!
  5. That could actually make for great entertainment, watching the chogs make their hourly runs to re-swipe their cards and then leave! 😂
  6. But if it only takes you 10 minutes to eat why don't you eat and then go get your chairs? I guess we need to create a sliding scale of exactly how long someone claims a chair for that is not in use before it moves up the scale from inconsiderate to rude to chair hog.....
  7. Do you know what is replacing Rock of Ages?
  8. I'm not sure who owns it but it was $15/ day. Worth every penny to be on the road that quickly.
  9. I don't remember them having but maybe one showing in the theater and I don't believe I saw any movies that were 3D.
  10. I didn't notice prices of the packages when onboard - so sorry.
  11. I booked everything as soon as reservations opened up. Not sure why you wouldn't see it.
  12. Just returned from Western sailing on the Allure on 10/20. Rather than going day by day on review I'm going to break it up into categories. Embark/Debark - Hands down fastest EVER in almost 50 cruises! Arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale parking lot next to the ship at 10:45, was on the ship at 11:05. Never stopped walking from the minute we got out of the car except for the 5 seconds it took for someone to scan the set sail pass. Debark was just as fast. Did self assist and were told to report to Amber Theater at 7 am. Went down at 6:45, straight out the door and through the terminal. Customs now consists of having your face scanned, no forms unless you are declaring something. Amazingly fast. Stateroom - Nice enough, had a balcony on the hump. Large balcony with two of the most uncomfortable chairs I've ever sat in, plus a nice size table. Had many breakfasts out there. Room was average with sufficient storage for two. Balcony glass was not cleaned once that week and was really pretty bad - we finally took a damp towel to it one day so that we could see through it. Bathroom was average, curved glass doors which I much prefer over a curtain although larger people would find it a challenge for sure. Smallest counter in the bathroom of any I've ever seen. Couldn't have been more than 10" deep, pretty useless. TV channels, again, probably the worst selection of any ship in a long time. Lots of channels to sell things on the ship, otherwise a channel for toddlers, youth, old shows and two ESPN channels, both Caribbean so the only thing on them all week was soccer and Cricket. The only movies offered were $12, NO WAY. Not like I want to spend a lot of time watching movies but I would appreciate the option if there's a time when I just want to laze around a bit or it's a rainy day. Shows - Mamma Mia was very good, great talent on the ship. Ocean Aria at the pool, Blue Planet in the theater and Ice Games at the Rink were all good enough, just thought they were strange. Strange music, strange costumes, weird storylines. Not bad, just not my favorite. Sorry, did not make it to any comedy shows. Royal Promenade - Great area for people watching, parades, entertainment. Problem is that everything is so open that it all bleeds together. We were in the Schooner bar listening to some piano music and could hear music from Bolero's and from further down the Promenade. Another night there were performers on the overhead stage and karaoke going on at On-Air at the same time. Other than Central Park and Dazzles, there was no place to go and listen to music without intrusive other music. Dining - Had my time dining and had made reservations for 6:30 each evening. Found that this was pretty much a waste of time as people in the line with no reservations proceeded as quickly to tables as those of us who had them. Ate in the American Icon dining room twice, which is the room supposedly for My Time, the other five nights we were led up one or two decks to the other dining rooms. Food was good, but I was really dismayed by the serving sizes. Way too large. Just me but I don't want a huge amount and would rather be served a smaller portion. Those who want ta a lot to eat can order more than one. Buffet was okay but a lot of the food was only warm when we tried it. I will say that attire in the dining room was probably the worst I've ever seen and beats anything I ever saw, even on Carnival. On formal night there was a man with a flannel shirt with the sleeves torn off, too rough to have been cut, plus wearing a baseball cap. Don't flame me, this is just MY opinion, but I was taught that you don't wear caps at the table. Guess I'm old fashioned but I saw a LOT of people wearing baseball caps at dinner this time. Tied for tacky was the couple who wore their swimsuits to dinner, he with a t-shirt, her with a sheer cover up. Again, just MY thoughts and I know it's their vacation too, but just think that's pushing it. Overall ship/crew - Think it still looks pretty good, Saw a few spots on carpet but pretty well kept up for the most part. Will say that the restrooms on this particular trip were about the most neglected I've seen. Didn't appear to be anybody checking them very often. Crew was very friendly with the exception of those in the shops, which often seems to be the case for some odd reason. Big shoutout to Gavin at the Cafe Promenade. By the second day he knew my name and my husbands along with our coffee preferences. Always very warm and welcoming. Duwayne, our room steward was also great, finding a topper to soften up the bed, which was otherwise like laying on a concrete slab. Overall, had a great cruise, as I always do - put me on a ship and I'm happy. I don't think the next time that I cruise RCCl I may try a smaller ship again, having seen all the bells and whistles that Oasis class offers I'm ready to go a little more intimate on the crowd size and ship itself. I also dislike the feeling of being so disconnected from the ocean on the Oasis class.
  13. Just got off of Allure of the Seas, sailing on the Breakaway next year. Saw what was probably the most varied attire ever on this last cruise. Anyone who knows who "Larry the Cable Guy" is, his twin was in the dining room one night. Ragged cut off sleeves on flannel shirt, camo baseball cap. Oh yeah, this was on "formal" night. Saw LOTS of baseball caps on at dinner, guess I am old fashioned, but I always heard it was just courteous to remove your cap at dinner. Topper was the night we saw a man in swim trunks and his wife in a bathing suit with a mesh cover up, yep in the dining room, yep at dinner.
  14. We too honeymooned at Cove Haven, almost 30 years ago. Had 6" of snow the first night we were there, it was gorgeous!!
  15. We get one of the plastic containers of mix at the grocery store and take our own. Nice to have with drinks or when playing cards. And hey, don't want to waste away between meals! 😂
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