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  1. I’m trying to make lemonade out of lemons. Hubby and I had two cruises booked in 2020; NCL cancelled one, we cancelled the other (but it won’t sail anyway)...so during our first cruise dates I decided to at least enjoy the UBP at home, and looking on the light side, I modified the recipes to make them low calorie. I’ll share mine, and will invite others to share theirs! Perhaps we can all pretend to cruise while we are waiting for the real thing... Post your recipes! Mine “lemonade from lemons” is I can enjoy the UBP and not gain as much weight! Skinny Margarita (ma
  2. I used to live in Orange, TX which seems like it was hit hard. Am monitoring the news.
  3. What gives me the most pause is if I come down with Covid during the cruise. We can all do everything right but get infected on the flight or even on the cruise by someone who tested negative on boarding. And if one person starts showing symptoms given that you are contagious 2-3 days before, then lots of people on the ship will have it. Does the ship have enough ventilators? Will the port patients get dropped off at? Will the port even accept them? THAT’S my nightmare and why I would have to see an effective vaccine before even considering cruising - separately from cost issues.
  4. I cancelled UPB, SDP and DSC around March 9 for a June 14 cruise (didn’t cancel cruise, was hedging my bets). Not a penny back yet although I was told 10 business days. TA said check with her if no refund after 30 days; now she says it’s 90 days for even THAT refund.
  5. Airline cancelled my June 11 flight PHL-TXL-LHR (just the PHL-TXL leg). American Airlines. Shows their confidence in the summer tourist industry. As far as the model being wrong and panicking everyone, the initial 1-2 million model assumed we just let Covid “wash over us” as Trump phrased it., so it was based on the initial plan, which didn’t happen. There were many more cases of Covid on NCL than were reported. A different thread had two people on the March 8 Bliss cruise who were diagnosed after they disembarked. I’m sure if someone did followup tracking on thos
  6. Pcakes I read on another thread that there was at least one case on the Bliss 3/1 cruise so it wouldn’t be surprising if you caught it on the Bliss. Symptoms most frequently show up in 3-6 days but they can in 1-14 days. Sure, you live in NY and may also have caught it on the way to the cruise or in the terminal, can’t rule that out either. Glad you are on the road to recovery!
  7. Hubby and i were on Bliss 1/5-1/19. He got sick his last week, and stayed sick when we got home. He is NEVER sick! Cough that wouldn’t quit, but I don’t remember fever. Some tiredness. I didn’t get it. We both had the flu shots over a month before sailing, so not flu. After 2 weeks he went to urgent care because he wasn’t getting better and got Z-pack and ultimately recovered in about another 4-5 days. Could be coincidence or not. We know that the cruise two before ours had a lot of respiratory problems (were reported on CC) and the one before ours they still had the standard sanitati
  8. I see where you live. Prayers that you avoid infection as well. For all of us here on CC complaining about cancelled cruises, slow refunds, etc, etc - to me at least your post is a very sobering reminder of people who have MUCH bigger worries and problems than cruise issues....
  9. April 30 is also a soft date. US will supposedly peak in next two weeks but estimates for Philadelphia are mid-May. I think he is taking it one month at a time, which is wise. Even after the peak there will still be lots of new infections, it’s just that the rate will decrease. Life will not be back to normal in May, things may start to settle down in June but START is the operative term. For myself, I’m not cruising until covid is long gone and/or I’ve been vaccinated against it.
  10. Where could they even sail out of? Florida? Two week quarantine for folks coming in from NY/NJ. Seattle? No docking in Canada till June/July? Los Angeles? Isn’t CA on lockdown? NY? Lockdown, epicenter of epidemic. ‘Nuff said. San Juan? Not sure what’s going on there but I think Caribbean islands are pretty much closed borders Hawaii? 14 day quarantine on arrivals etc, etc I haven’t even gotten to Europe - Spain, Germany, Italy, France, UK all over the news, would you REALLY want to go there at all and endanger your own health—and no matter what
  11. No chance until there is an effective vaccine. The described scenario is less risky but still high risk. Will there be bathroom police for handwashing? Cough/sneeze police? Etc, etc
  12. I called NCL directly to cancel my DSC, UBP, SDP for my June cruise. I never got any written confirmation but the rep said they were cancelled and I’d get a refund of a little over $1k. I think this may have been around March 9–and surprise, no refund! Has anyone seen theirs? And to be clear, I’m not talking FCC refund for cruise cancellation, I’m ONLY talking about the perk & DSC cancellation to get the cash refund, so if we end up cancellling later we’ll at least have that much cash. TIA
  13. Where is the cruise to? TA? If anywhere in Europe, I think the borders are closed, and will remain closed, through April or even longer.... I have a June cruise and I doubt very much that is happening - Southampton to Norway, just two countries and I can’t imagine either being normal enough to support cruising - or safe enough for us over-60’s either.
  14. Could it also be FEMA or medical staff? I have a really hard time believing cruisers all of a sudden booked up an entire hotel....
  15. Trump has been tweeting about exactly that - reopening things in a week or two, in spite of the fact that the Surgeon General says this upcoming week things are going to get “much worse”! I do NOT understand his logic and find it very frightening! As far as April cruises, FWIW I live in Delaware and we’re on “all but essential businesses closed, schools closed, shelter in place” until May 15, and of course that date could slip as we get closer. NJ, NY, and many other states are doing the same thing; Philadelphia and surrounding counties are as well. I’m sure cruising is not an “e
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