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  1. Didn’t something happen a month or two ago with the Epic having to limp into San Juan for repairs?
  2. I know there’s the option to pay extra to fly in a day or two early. Anyone try to pay to upgrade the free air to business? Is it doable? is it any cheaper than just paying the airline directly?
  3. We sailed Alaska on the Bliss and loved it - great excursions too. We did Tracy. Arm (FREEZINGGGGG - dress warm!), Skagway Yukon Hwy by bus (hubby’s fave tour), whale watching in Juneau, and atv in Ketchikan. Highly recommended. Will tell you all about it during our cruise if you want!
  4. This is going to sound weird but here goes — hubby and I love love love FRESH-squeezed pomegranate juice. Not the store-bought Pom, but the kind you buy on the street in Israel and (hopefully) Mediterranean ports. We think we’d love it even more with some vodka added! If we have a cup of juice in our hands when we board after a port stop, can we bring it back on board with us, or is it like the airlines where we aren’t allowed to? It would be non-alcoholic, and then we’d buy a shot (with UBP) at the bar to add. Anyone else got any ideas about how to have fresh squeezed pomegranate juice & vodka? Do the Med ports even offer it? Lisbon, Cadiz, Cannes, Livorno, Rome?
  5. I’m on the April 28 Jade sailing and the roll call all got upgrade invitations about a week ago, I think something like 45 days out. Hang in there... btw the haven and suite folks did not get offers to bid for upgrades....... Haven is totally sold out and has been for months, other than the two GVs which sold about a month ago.
  6. Can you use it to pay your DSC and if you want to tip anyone extra? Can you use it to buy NCL gift certificates?
  7. There’s a credit application you can fill out for casino credit. I’ve never used it on NCL so I’m not sure how it works, but I’d think you can draw against it without fees, is that right “those in the know”? The minimum is $5k credit line but you can definitely use as little as you want, and of course if you are a high roller, you can apply for a much higher line!
  8. Yeah, roll call finally got offers, but I got a rock (as Charlie Brown says) - no offer for me! Come join our roll call!
  9. Never done that before. We’re coming in on Amtrak. Do I tell them what time my train arrives (hopefully, if it isn’t late) and they arrange a place where we meet up? What’s a reasonable fare for a car service? We’re getting in around 930 on a Sunday morning.
  10. In the Haven the entire staff, with the exception of butler & concierge staff are covered by your DSC so you are not expected to tip them more. An additional tip is always welcome but really not expected. $20-$50 to the steward for the entire cruise is plenty because you have already tipped him once. The same goes for the bar staff, restaurant staff, pool staff, etc in the Haven. I often tip when I order a drink but only $1 or $2, nothing more because I’ve already tipped $20/day to the bar staff with my UBP. No idea about kids club or beach butlers, never did either. Not to discourage extra tipping, but the whole point of the DSC is to make sure everyone is tipped, so know that you have tipped once before you ever board - and if you are 4 people x $17.95/day that is a LOT of money already in tips. So keep that in mind, and then tip above and beyond as you choose.
  11. Still checking - tom’s port guide says the congestion getting into Brooklyn cruise terminal can really run up taxi fares. Does it make more sense to rethink and do the ferry? Does the ferry dock right at the Brooklyn cruise terminal so we can walk it with luggage?
  12. For me I could care less about paying $1 more per night (including DH’s share) AS LONG AS it goes to crew, not to NCL’s bottom line. I think that’s the gist of this thread - is crew getting a higher paycheck because of this, or is NCL?
  13. I have no problem with a kid walking up to the bar, ordering a soda or Shirley Temple, waiting until it is brought out, and then leaving the bar. I don't think that's unreasonable. I'm thinking of the Haven setup on the Bliss, where there really aren't any waiters that I recall, and the bar is very convenient--and the child might have to wait their turn to order while waiting in line. Mom & Dad don't have to be right there for an older kid and I doubt there's any risk of the bartenders serving booze to a minor. Hanging out at the bar, that's another story, but just ordering a soda isn't unreasonable. Re college education vs not - everyone has different talents and aptitudes. You couldn't pay me enough to be a lineman! My talent is book learning, another stepson's is mechanical ability, and the lineman one's is hard work and being a lineman. I think the keys are HARD WORK (mental work is also hard work, trust me!!) and having a marketable skill, and being good at whatever that skill is. No, it is not essential to have a college or graduate degree to make good money, but it depends on the individual, what they are capable of doing and being willing to do.
  14. Stepson is lineman. He does better financially than most people I know professionally, most of whom have graduate degrees. And yes you have to work hard!
  15. You know that makes some sense.
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