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  1. Thank you tallnthensome for a helpful response. I appreciate it 😃
  2. Why so nasty? How about if you don't want to assist, don't comment? I have never sailed on NCL and feel I am asking a valid question. Please go away.
  3. I am looking at booking a transatlantic for 2021 and the price seems a bit high right now. If the price drops will NCL lower my price?
  4. We did a Promenade cabin on Independence of the seas and enjoyed it. There was a bit of noise during parties but, nothing so loud to prevent sleep. We will be staying in a Central Park view on Allure of the Seas. Hoping we like it just as well. Happy sailing!
  5. I use to work on most of my cruises. Internet was fine most of the time. I am an early riser though and generally did my work early in the morning.
  6. I would have to agree with above poster. In addition, I missed the thalassotherapy pool and the spa seemed so tiny. Not worth the extra money for a spa cabin. I would not sail on the Vista again unless I really, really, wanted to see a particular port that was on the itinerary.
  7. I like the stretchy maxi dresses. I am always cold inside the ship. These are great too because after changing from my swim wear I can put one on and been done for the day. No changing for dinner. Another benefit, no wrinkles. Easy, peasy.
  8. I really like Moscow Mules however, the ship doesn't seem to carry diet ginger beer. I have to go with diet ginger ale which isn't bad but, definitely not the same. I also do rum/coke. I know the Mule would not be true Keto but, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes LOL!
  9. Lately we get a drink and people watch until our lunch reservation at Chops.
  10. I would have to vote for Oasis. 10 days is better than 7 but, there is no comparison between Oasis and Vision. I do think though it depends on if you are sailing for the ship or for the ports. We started out sailing for the ports. Now after 16 or so cruises, the ship has become more important.
  11. DH calls them biscuit rocks and gravy is gray water LOL!
  12. Poor Brandon. I consider myself to be very unlucky but, I always tell people that I am just "saving" all my luck up for the day when I really need it! 😏
  13. Just wanted to say, congrat's JC Mass. We just became Diamond as well and will take our first cruise as one on Allure this fall!
  14. Same thing happened to us the first time. The booking was unclear at least to me. We were called down to Guest Services the day before we docked at Labadee. They asked if we meant to book 2 clam shells. I thought I booked 1 for 2 people LOL! Given they called us down, I expect this must have happened before. 😊
  15. If making reservations for shows is a deal breaker I would recommend the next size smaller Freedom Class. More bells and whistles than the small ships. We loved the ice show! I too, use to think the big ships were not for me but, someone convinced me to try Oasis. OMG! I found out that I LOVED the ship, I thought I would hate. Making the show reservations, while not my preference was not really all that big of a deal. Any ship you chose you can't go wrong on RCI! Have a great time!
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