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  1. How do you find out if the hotels to a sleep and cruise if it's not listed on their website? I've looked at many sites and don't see a mention of parking during the cruise which will cost more then a room. Not sure how to compare prices in my spreadsheet if they aren't listed on their sites.
  2. We cruise out of Port Canaveral on DCL in October and this will be our first time out of this port and our fist time driving to a cruise port. We are spending Sunday night in Port Canaveral and our cruise leaves on Monday. Looking to probably do Kennedy Space Center on Sunday if it matters. I have only found 4 hotels that seem to offer sleep & cruise packages which are the Country Inn & Suits near the port, the Radisson near the port, the Best Western in Cocoa Beach and the Holiday Inn Express in Cocoa Beach. Are these the only 4? If I book with Country Inn & Suites and pre-pay the
  3. Ok,. I think that's what it was. They we're picking our room as it was the cheapest. Is this for all sailings including out of the US? Or is this due to it being out of Asia? We'll just have to wait longer to book once all of our ducks are in a row.
  4. It's April 13, 2020 and Quantium of the Seas, I believe. Sorry don't have the paperwork in front of me.
  5. My wife and I sat down to book a cruise in April 2020 out of Singapore. It fits with my son's spring break. However this far out we still need to see if my parents can watch my son and of course we can't start even looking at airfare. I got all the way through the entering of the info for the passengers and on the page to "Select Your Preferences" the only option is for dining and pre-paid gratuities. There is nothing for a refundable deposit. Is this new for RCCL? I've only sailed them once last summer for AK and when I booked that cruise I had the option for a refundable or non-
  6. I've never used Airbnb in Singapore and will be following as we are looking at a cruise next year out of Singapore. However, we love Airbnb and have used them many times around the world (San Diego, Stockholm, Helsinki & Hawaii) with one book for Orlando this October. My first question is if they are legal in Singapore as some cities have banned short term rentals. I'd Google that first as you don't want something cancelled and/or an eviction by authorities as part of your vacation. If it's legal I wouldn't have any reservations. You can message the host and ask th
  7. As mentioned above the card can go negative one time up to a certain amount. You can also use the stored value at multiple stores. When I was there in October (not a cruise) the night before heading to the airport I figured out my balance and what I needed for the last trip. I then visited a 7-11 for snacks and made sure I left enough as to not go negative beyond the amount allotted. The card currently has a negative balance and I kept it. I always hold on to the MTR cards as they make a nice cheap souvenir and I now have a few from multiple continents.
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