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  1. Does anyone know when Celebrity will release their 2023 Cruise Schedule?
  2. Thanks jelayne! There is so much unsaid on their website, hence the many questions. They should allow some Cruise Critic members give them advice, or at least note our most common questions. N
  3. I bought the 3 night specialty dining option, but I don't see where I can choose the nights or restaurants. Do I do it once on board?
  4. That sounds great, maybe next time.
  5. I think we are on the same sailing, August 7, Edge, Western Caribbean? I would have loved the Chef's Table, as we've been to several of Daniel Boulud's restaurants in NY over the years. Oh well, c'est dommage,have a wonderful evening. You will love it.
  6. Were you on Edge? Where on their website do you find it? I don't see it. Thanks,
  7. I spoke to an excursion representative last week and she said that because of Covid precautions they are not having Chef's Table or Backstage Theater Tours yet. I would have loved to do the Chef's Table on our August 7 cruise. We did the Backstage Cruise on Edge in 2019 and I recommend it. What a treat to see the workings of that revolutionary round stage. It was also interactive so we got to try some of the special effects such as stage elevators and fog and rain machines. The acrobats were rehearsing and we got to be in the middle of it all. I hope they bring it back soon.
  8. I received that email and I'm tempted to bid, may I ask, was your bid on the low or high side? That little meter on the side seems to suggest that low bids on the scale won't be accepted. I'm a little intimidated, also can you bid on several different categories? Thanks!
  9. Yes I did. The ship was tired and the rooms were tiny, but that added to the adventure.
  10. Jim, thank you for your Galapagos review, I was worried after your first post, but I'm so glad that everything picked up and that you had a wonderful time. Your photos are incredible. You are truly talented. Our phone photos cannot compare. We were on Xploration in January 2019. The ship was retired and replaced with Flora later that year. There were only 16 cruisers onboard. Xploration was pretty long in the tooth by then but the crew went out of their way to make our stay memorable. We sat around a large table for meals and it was easy to get to know everyone. The food was very good but not a la carte. There was always something for every taste. Our Captain was Natalie and we were told that she was going to Captain Flora, I wonder what happened? We had Juan Carlos as our Naturalist and he was very knowledgable. We seemed to have had a similar daily schedule to yours and yes it was hard work keeping up. We usually did the first excursion and skipped the second and in the afternoon we would nap for the first and do the last one. There were two Zodiaks so everyone that wanted got to go. I would highly recommend appropriate footwear. One of the ladies bruised her foot wearing sandals over the lava rocks. We were so tired at night that I never felt the ship rolling and Xpedition was a small tub compared to Flora. Again thanks for taking the time to post your blogs. I want to read what you experienced in Iceland as that is where we are heading next year. Nely
  11. years ago. A great excursion for a great price! When I booked this, Debbie at Bonaire Cruisers said they were very excited - first cruise docking there since March 12, 2020. My point was that Celebrity waited for our excursion to return, even though it cost them a pretty penny!
  12. We were on a ship's tour in Bonaire in October 2019, for Edge. The excursion was a disaster, it took over an hour of very boring scenery to get to the private resort we were going to. The bus was a rickety old school bus, no air and it was painted to fit right in with Ken Kesey's "Cool Aid Acid Trip", when we finally got to the resort for lunch and a swim, the food was scant and in some cases inedible. The beach and the pool were lovely. The tour operator told us to be at the parking lot at 3:30 and we all were. No bus came to pick us up and there was no crew member with us. We had a lot of trouble getting through to Celebrity, finally someone got in touch with customer service in Miami and they got through to the ship. Another rickety old bus picked us up and behold the ship was only 15 minutes away. We were all furious but I'm sure the Captain was more so since the ship sailed about an hour and a half late. You know that cost them in port penalty fees. Most of us went to the Excursion desk to air our grievances as it was an expensive "exclusive" tour. They refunded us half the cost but it should have been the whole price. There must have been 20 of us and most were seniors but thank heaven for the couple of young men who were very tech savvy. It was a very stressful day. I wouldn't get off at Bonaire.
  13. Labadee had the nicest over the water cabanas I have ever been in, even nicer than Disney's on Castaway. The service was also good. I would love it if Celebrity went, but others may prefer ports with shopping. The food buffet was also excellent. I love a beach day! I understand the situation in Haiti is turbulent at the moment but Labadee felt very secure. I hope Celebrity reconsiders.
  14. George C, how do you move up, do you offer a lot more money, do you call them directly? I would really like to know. Thanks! N
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