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  1. We are doing likewise. Sailing next, once again, on Celebrity after giving them up for Princess many trips ago. We will also check others for Transatlantics in fall.
  2. We sailed on the Regal Transposition cruise in October....and have reservations for the Enchanted in November, Transatlantic????, there is only ONE DESK chair......I need a CHAIR for BOTH my husband and myself to sit while cruising.....I may have to cancel my future cruises with Princess if the chairs are not replaced....
  3. This is a point that should be brought up.....FALSE ADVERTISING. Should we maybe think about a CLASS ACTION SUIT... Why have all pictures shown for BALCONY SUITES with a barrel chair SHOWN......... and then find out no chairs and NO WHERE TO SIT???????
  4. We have been traveling on Princess for some time and it has been our favorite. We are Elite members.....However today I spoke with Customer service, after my MANY letters went unanswered... I asked to have a chair in our balcony room. I was told the rooms have been redesigned and all Barrel chairs removed.....I asked if two or three people in room WHERE WOULD THEY SIT.....i was told no chairs they have been removed.....If you look at the pictures of any balcony room....they ALL SHOW A BARREL CHAIR......However customer service said sorry...they are gone. I asked how could this be done AFTW
  5. We have also done several Transatlantic cruises. Besides La Famiglia and the HOHO bus we ventured on the train and took a cable car up to Monserrat, well worth the adventure...
  6. Parking for a flight out of MIA?
  7. I cruised Alaska last year and was not at all happy with the condition of the ship. I would definitely NOT go on the ALOHA deck. Many complaints of mold and mildew...I had occasion to walk across that deck and was appalled with the odors and the fans in the hallways.. When I got back I confronted Princess with facts and pictures and was told they were going to sell her in 2020. When I asked how they could sell cabins in this condition???they informed me ??? I have not sailed on the Ruby since its inagural run....But my experience on the GOLDEN???i would not go back
  8. Does anyone know if Celebrity offers luggage valet service in Argentina after our cruise?
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