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  1. Depending on the issue, a phone call might not be the best way to handle it. If it were a question where I wanted firm confirmation on, say, a policy, I would want an email response. Otherwise, if it's just a phone call, what proof do you have that you were, in fact, told a particular thing? If a company is going to provide an email address for customer queries, it should darn well ensure that they have sufficient staffing to provide timely responses to its customers.
  2. You are totally not the only one. I do it too! Just one tip though. Rather than the Clorox wipes, I switched to using accelerated hydrogen peroxide wipes. They have a few advantages over the Clorox ones. They kill way more stuff, including norovirus which is always a potential problem on cruise ships, and they are not perfumed (which is a benefit for those who are scent sensitive). They are sold, depending on the manufacturer, under the name Oxivir or Virox. You can get them at medical supply places and janitorial/industrial supply places.
  3. It's often a bit chilly to spend a lot of time just sitting outside on an Alaska cruise. I might choose not to spend the money on a verandah in this instance. Often a nice, warm place to hang out and watch the scenery go by in Alaska is on a lounger next to the big windows in the solarium/covered pool area. I haven't been on Veendam specifically, so I'm not sure if it has floor to ceiling windows in the covered pool area like some other ships I've been on. Maybe someone who's familiar with the Veendam can chime in.
  4. Are you even capable of being pleasant? The OP's question was not posed in a confrontational manner, and was eminently reasonable. The first thing you did was pop into the thread with a completely unhelpful and 'aggressive' answer. May I also suggest you brush up on your reading comprehension. The OP never indicated that he or she believed that MSG was fake. If you're going to be a bully, at least make sure you have your I's dotted and your T's crossed.
  5. We use the Heys brand digital hand-held luggage scale (with hook that goes under the handle). They run off button cell batteries, are light weight, come in different colours, and can display in pounds or kilos. On the whole, we have found the weights that they give to be quite accurate. They last well too. I've had mine for about 10 years.
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