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  1. We have some version of these, also bought from Amazon. They are great, and it saves having to carry or hunt for a stapler.
  2. I'd hardly call the original post one that was "spiralling out of control". I would have thought that since you were the one that suggested that there should be a cooling off period, you would have put a little more thought into the mechanics of your proposed solution. Otherwise, it appears as though your post may have been the one that was made in "the heat of the moment", and "maybe full of adrenaline".
  3. You will be much happier on the verandah. The Koningsdam interiors are really cramped. Two people in those would be pretty tight, let alone 3.
  4. The Dreamstation Go is fairly quiet. My husband's full-size Dreamstation is essentially silent. The Go is a bit noisier - about the same as my ResMed S9 - but still pretty quiet. I can't provide any comparison to the AirMini because I've never heard it. I also live in Canada. I actually ended up ordering the Go from a Canadian online CPAP vendor. It came with the provider instructions, and I just set it up to the same specs as my home machine. It was a lot cheaper than getting it from my local provider, and since it's just a secondary machine, I didn't really need any of the services with respect to it that the local vendor provides.
  5. One always has to wonder though, if truly accidental or 'accidently-on-purpose'.
  6. I too sleep with a cpap and had started to get tired of hauling around my regular machine (Resmed S9). I considered the Air Mini, but I have to have real humidification, so sadly it was not an option. Recently the Phillips Dreamstation Go released a humidifier that can be used with that travel machine. I decided to give it a try and I love it! The machine is a bit bigger than the Air Mini, but still small. Advantages over the Air Mini are a real screen, so you don't have to use an app on your phone, you can use any mask with it (with the Air Mini, if I recall you have to use one of 3 options), it also has a USB plug in it that you can use to charge another device like a phone, so good for when there aren't many plug ins. You can get a battery for it so you can use it where there is no power - like on an airplane or camping, but you cannot use the humidifier if using the battery, so I didn't bother. I've taken it on 3 trips so far, and I can't emphasize how much I love it. So, it's another option for those who want a travel cpap with humidification and/or a real screen.
  7. I am also scent sensitive, as well as often having skin allergies to scented products. I use unscented laundry detergent and personal care products at home. I never use any of the toiletries on board as I find them too strongly scented, and always have to bring my own. We decided to try the unlimited laundry package on the Koningsdam this fall, and I was very pleased with it. I did not have any problems with skin irritation or scent. I will say that if you bury your nose in something that has been freshly laundered, there is the very slightest whiff of scent, but it is very light and almost unnoticeable.
  8. You're a bit late to the party with that advice. Now that you've made this laconic contribution, do you expect the OP to cancel their cruise? I think not. Why is it that some people feel that it is acceptable to be gratuitously unpleasant whenever the topic of travelling with children is brought up?
  9. Yes, you can pay as you go for $20 a bag. In Europe the same thing is $30 a bag. They're cloth bags, and you can get quite a lot in them.
  10. We were in Rome for just under a week before we boarded the ship, so we already had a decent amount of dirty laundry, and our cruise was 12 days. Also our daughter was teething, so we were going through a lot of bibs. Originally I was going to handwash them and hang them to dry, but my husband said for $7 a day let's just get the laundry package. It was great. Things came back pressed the next day. It was also possible to give special instructions like wash cold which it appears they followed because those things I was concerned about didn't shrink. The other thing I was concerned about was whether the laundry would come back with a strong scent because I am sensitive to scents, and use unscented detergent at home. I was pleasantly surprised. There was only the faintest scent discernable from the detergent they use. If you have the ability to do laundry in between cruises and the cruise is only a week, you can probably get away without doing laundry on the ship, or you can do the stuff a bag thing which I think is $20 or $30 depending on what part of the world you are in. You can get quite a bit in those bags. In terms of the stroller, the Nano gets good reviews, and I'm sure you'll be happy with it. It sounds like you got a good price. I agree, the Yoyo is obscenely expensive, and my husband did have a small heart attack re the price, but it is an awesome stroller, and for us it has been worth every penny. We originally got it for a trip to Toronto when our daughter was just over 6 months old. We ended up with the Yoyo over the Tour because our daughter is quite tiny and at that age, the straps on the Tour didn't go low enough. Then we took it to Germany when she was 8 months, and this fall to the Mediterranean. The ability to take it as carry on is brilliant. You don't have to stand around waiting to get your gate checked stroller back, and there's no risk of the airline damaging it. I've known people whose gate-checked strollers were bashed up. One tip with regard to taking it as carry on. This type of stroller is usually unfamiliar to most airline employees. Most of them will try to pressure you to gate check it. Things will go a lot smoother if you fold it and put it into it's carry bag at the gate before boarding begins, rather than folding it at the plane door. When it's already in its bag, it doesn't seem to show up on their radar as much. Stupid I know, but it is what it is.
  11. There are two main ones, both are good. It's more personal preference as to shape of backpack. There's Skip Hop and Littlelife. Skip Hop is easily available lots of places in Canada. Littlelife can be a little harder to track down. Well.ca carries them, Hudson's Bay online has them, and Westcoast Kids has them.
  12. You can also get those backpacks for toddlers that have a leash. They can feel proud of carrying their own little backpack, and it 'camouflages' the harness to a certain extent.
  13. We had this on Koningsdam. The clothesline presentation is definitely novel, but a bit gimmicky. I suppose it stops the pieces from sticking together. Ours was cut thick and had a somewhat softer than beef jerky consistency. It was good, however I do not think any of us could have eaten the whole thing as an appetizer. It's quite rich and I think one might feel sick eating too much of it. We actually ordered it on a whim for the table to share, and I think that was the way to go.
  14. Oh shoot, forgot to mention the Tula. It's a great carrier! We took it with too, and used it where it wasn't practical to use the stroller. We have one of the newer mesh style ones which helps keep them cool. I'd really recommend the one with the mesh panels. I think ours is the coast explore. You can wear it on the front with the child facing inward or outward or like a backpack. The napkin idea is a great one. Didn't think of that. What do you use to clip it? We also took the rare earth magnet hooks from Lee Valley for the cabin walls. Enabled us to hang stuff up like umbrellas to dry high up where they couldn't be grabbed.
  15. We took our one year old on the N. Statendam's sister ship, the Koningsdam. I second what has been said about the inflatable bath tub. Unless the toddler likes showers, the blow up tub is a must. I'd open the door of the shower against the inside wall of the shower, put the tub in, and fill it up with the hand held shower head. Those tubs usually have a plug in the bottom which makes it super easy to let out the water. We had a tub without a the duck head (but I know exactly which one you're talking about) so when we weren't using it, I just tucked it unobtrusively behind one of the chairs on the verandah. That way it didn't take up space in the cabin and it dried out. The puppy poop bags are great. We actually always keep a roll in the diaper bag for when we have to throw out a poopy diaper in a public washroom. Make sure to bring all medications you might need in toddler form - Advil/Tylenol/Gravol/Benedryl because I'm not sure if the ship would have those. You can buy boxes of disposable bibs on Amazon and in baby stores. We brought along a box. Sometimes depending on where you are and what you're eating, it can be simpler when travelling just to throw the bib out. We also brought dish soap and sippy cups. It's easy to get one filled with milk, and then wash them up afterwards. You will not regret the stroller type you got. We have the babyzen yoyo which folds in a similar way. Definitely very maneuverable around the ship, and folded up super small in the cabin. If I may make one small suggestion though. You may want to check out the cityselect stroller that is the same size as the mountainbuggy nano. It is about the same price/weight etc. but it has a more padded comfortable seating area for the child. Bringing her favourite blanket and stuffie definitely helped out daughter settle in and go to sleep. The other thing I would suggest, depending on the length of your cruise is to pack light and avail yourself of the unlimited laundry package. Less luggage is the way to go when travelling with a toddler, the unlimited laundry was reasonably priced, and we were quite happy with it. Also, bring a bunch of Ziplocs. Toddlers can't always wait for everyone to get ready for breakfast or whatever. They are hungry now, so what we would do is each evening get some buns or pastries from the lido buffet and keep them in our room to keep the hanger at bay until we were able to go to breakfast.
  16. There was one of these in our cabin on the Koningsdam on our cruise this fall. Overall, I liked it and found it really convenient. The one downside is, given its location and the location of the bed, it would sometimes turn on in the night if the person on the side of the bed nearest the cabinet rolled over. (I guess the sheet hanging over the edge of the bed or the bedskirt would move and trigger it.)
  17. Last month on the Koningsdam we preordered distilled water on the website, and it was in our room upon arrival. It was $2.95 and the jug was a 4 litre one.
  18. Depending on the issue, a phone call might not be the best way to handle it. If it were a question where I wanted firm confirmation on, say, a policy, I would want an email response. Otherwise, if it's just a phone call, what proof do you have that you were, in fact, told a particular thing? If a company is going to provide an email address for customer queries, it should darn well ensure that they have sufficient staffing to provide timely responses to its customers.
  19. You are totally not the only one. I do it too! Just one tip though. Rather than the Clorox wipes, I switched to using accelerated hydrogen peroxide wipes. They have a few advantages over the Clorox ones. They kill way more stuff, including norovirus which is always a potential problem on cruise ships, and they are not perfumed (which is a benefit for those who are scent sensitive). They are sold, depending on the manufacturer, under the name Oxivir or Virox. You can get them at medical supply places and janitorial/industrial supply places.
  20. It's often a bit chilly to spend a lot of time just sitting outside on an Alaska cruise. I might choose not to spend the money on a verandah in this instance. Often a nice, warm place to hang out and watch the scenery go by in Alaska is on a lounger next to the big windows in the solarium/covered pool area. I haven't been on Veendam specifically, so I'm not sure if it has floor to ceiling windows in the covered pool area like some other ships I've been on. Maybe someone who's familiar with the Veendam can chime in.
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