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  1. My husband always wears a jacket in the dining room on "casual" nights - it makes the meal more festive - and I will enjoy wearing some nice dresses. For the past year, my uniform has generally consisted of yoga pants and an under armour tee, so it'll be a pleasure to wear something a little more attractive. Linda
  2. Thanks. A little disappointing, but certainly simplifies packing! Linda
  3. So...on the week-long Bahamas cruises there should not be a formal/BTO night? Linda
  4. And thank you Keith. Linda
  5. Hello everyone Like everyone else, we had numerous cruises cancelled in the past year the highlight of which was being [gently] booted off a Seabourn ship in Australia a week early and in the wrong city last March. We have not been on Crystal for about 5 years, but were tempted by the B2B Bahamas option [and the absence of jet lag]. So, there are a few questions I hope people on the forum can answer. [I asked the Seabourn reps, and they were not sure.] 1. On Seabourn, if you have CCL stock you get additional OBC. Does Crystal have a similar bonus available
  6. Please add us to the list. Thanks. July 24 Nassau R/T Whystayhome (Linda and Phil) July 31 Nassau R/T Whystayhome (Linda and Phil) Linda
  7. We're fully vaccinated [YAY!] and don't mind wearing a mask. What bothered me was the comment about "encouraging" passengers to stay within their own group. One of the things I really enjoy on Seabourn is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, some of whom I have maintained lasting friendships with. Also, we have been eating together almost every night for 45 years and understandably prefer to mix things up a little when we cruise. We particularly look forward to the hosted tables with officers and entertainers [especially the magicians]. It will be interesting to rea
  8. We have had 3 cruises cancelled by Seabourn in the past 9 months, plus I was on the Australian cruise to nowhere last March that ended a week early. It broke my heart, but I just cancelled the 21-day Norway/Baltic cruise we had scheduled for July 2021 in advance of final cancellation. Even if the cruise were to go, we don't think it would be the typical Seabourn experience [e.g., stay in your own cohort] and we were concerned about some ports not allowing the ship to dock as was part of the problem with the Australia voyage. According to the Seabourn rep who cancelled our booking, there are s
  9. Hi Gary Yes, I’ve asked My TA to get a detailed accounting. And even if we do owe them the money...let’s see, we waited 8 months to be reimbursed, so maybe Seabourn would like to see what that’s like. Linda
  10. Caffeine Free diet coke addict here- even for breakfast. Yes, they have Coke products. They do their best to keep me happy, and on most cruises they manage to provide CFDC. Our stewardess usually hides a cache under our bed to replenish our fridge. If they don't have CFDC in one venue, they send people other places to scrounge it up for me. On some European itineraries, they have only coke zero - yuk - but they are so apologetic, I can't get too annoyed. On one cruise, they told me I was the only one on board drinking CFDC, and as soon as they saw me coming, they made sure to crack out the
  11. We finally got a check [it took 6+ months] for the $9,000+ that we incurred in extra expenses after being thrown of the ship mid-cruise in Adelaide. Then, a few days later, I got a bill from Seabourn for ~$1,000, saying we had been over reimbursed for some on-board expenses that had been refunded twice, according to their accounting department. No explanation of the alleged double refunds - just a demand for payment. TA is working on it. A more pressing question: Will my July 30, 2021 Alaska cruise happen, or is this just a pipe dream? Linda
  12. Thanks klkaylor78 for the information about the FCC section of My Account. Could not find it on my iPad, so trooped on over to the desk top and had no problem seeing it. BUT...the amount listed was clearly incorrect. Tried to check my husband's account and was told his account didn't exist. I really want them to get their act together so I can use a "free" week and all the FCC we are due to book next summer's cruise around Norway. One step forward, two steps back... Linda
  13. Remind me never to call Seabourn on the weekend! The representative I spoke to was, to be charitable, rather crabby. She said she could not give me any information about the $9000 reimbursement for additional costs associated with flight changes, hotels, etc. that is in the wind. I had received an email 2 weeks ago from Seabourn Guest Relations asking if we wanted cash or FCC, and I immediately sent back an email specifying cash and got a form email response back, so I was curious about whether my preference had been recorded. I told her I was looking to book something else and w
  14. I was referring to the cruises that were cancelled. So far, we have been "made whole" on the future cruise deposits as well as the prebooked excursions on one of the future cruises, and for the 6 days we missed on board and the excursions we missed as a result of the abrupt termination of the cruise in Adelaide instead of Sydney ~a week later. Seabourn recently sent me an email accepting the amount they should reimburse us for the increased cost of business class tickets back to the US booked at the last minute [less the refund we got from Etihad for the return portion of our tick
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