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  1. Hi Gary Yes, I’ve asked My TA to get a detailed accounting. And even if we do owe them the money...let’s see, we waited 8 months to be reimbursed, so maybe Seabourn would like to see what that’s like. Linda
  2. Caffeine Free diet coke addict here- even for breakfast. Yes, they have Coke products. They do their best to keep me happy, and on most cruises they manage to provide CFDC. Our stewardess usually hides a cache under our bed to replenish our fridge. If they don't have CFDC in one venue, they send people other places to scrounge it up for me. On some European itineraries, they have only coke zero - yuk - but they are so apologetic, I can't get too annoyed. On one cruise, they told me I was the only one on board drinking CFDC, and as soon as they saw me coming, they made sure to crack out the CFDC. They even kept a supply in the Colonnade for me. We would grab a table at breakfast, and by the time we returned to our seats from the buffet, there it was. I love the crew. Linda
  3. We finally got a check [it took 6+ months] for the $9,000+ that we incurred in extra expenses after being thrown of the ship mid-cruise in Adelaide. Then, a few days later, I got a bill from Seabourn for ~$1,000, saying we had been over reimbursed for some on-board expenses that had been refunded twice, according to their accounting department. No explanation of the alleged double refunds - just a demand for payment. TA is working on it. A more pressing question: Will my July 30, 2021 Alaska cruise happen, or is this just a pipe dream? Linda
  4. Thanks klkaylor78 for the information about the FCC section of My Account. Could not find it on my iPad, so trooped on over to the desk top and had no problem seeing it. BUT...the amount listed was clearly incorrect. Tried to check my husband's account and was told his account didn't exist. I really want them to get their act together so I can use a "free" week and all the FCC we are due to book next summer's cruise around Norway. One step forward, two steps back... Linda
  5. Remind me never to call Seabourn on the weekend! The representative I spoke to was, to be charitable, rather crabby. She said she could not give me any information about the $9000 reimbursement for additional costs associated with flight changes, hotels, etc. that is in the wind. I had received an email 2 weeks ago from Seabourn Guest Relations asking if we wanted cash or FCC, and I immediately sent back an email specifying cash and got a form email response back, so I was curious about whether my preference had been recorded. I told her I was looking to book something else and wanted to make sure the FCC issue was settled, as at one point I was told that I had a $3,000 credit on my account and at another point I was told that was being reviewed. She said that because we elected a CASH refund for the days we had missed when we were forced to disembark in Adelaide as opposed to Sydney because of the virus, the 50% FCC credit we were promised in addition to the cash refund [as opposed to taking the whole refund of 175% in FCC] had been cancelled and we were out of luck. I asked about speaking to a supervisor, but was told that isn't possible on a weekend. She also told me not to bother calling Monday because that's their busiest day and I would never get to talk to a supervisor if I did. She also told me there is no way to call guest relations directly. I will try calling Tuesday, but if that doesn't work, I'll try to get my travel agent on it. I am getting annoyed.
  6. I was referring to the cruises that were cancelled. So far, we have been "made whole" on the future cruise deposits as well as the prebooked excursions on one of the future cruises, and for the 6 days we missed on board and the excursions we missed as a result of the abrupt termination of the cruise in Adelaide instead of Sydney ~a week later. Seabourn recently sent me an email accepting the amount they should reimburse us for the increased cost of business class tickets back to the US booked at the last minute [less the refund we got from Etihad for the return portion of our ticket], a flight to Melbourne from Adelaide, hotels in Adelaide and Melbourne, food, and Ubers. We also tried to get reimbursed by our travel insurance for the costs associated with trip interruption, figuring Seabourn would never come through, but have been turned down once. My state's insurance commissioner has gotten involved and told me that we should expect the cruise line and the insurance company to point fingers at one another in a dance that could last forever. So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from Seabourn suggesting they would reimburse us. We shall see. The thing that is driving me nuts is that random amounts have been posted to three different credit cards, so it has been a little complicated to track the refunds. One refund on Amex had the explanation that it was for a week on board in July 2021 - I can't figure that one out. As far as the future cruise credit is concerned, I am getting tired of chasing that down, as the amount varies significantly depending on which agent answers the phone. We had a similar situation with the reimbursement for the missed days; the first agent quoted us a figure nearly equal to the entire cruise cost and we were elated. A month or so later, the bubble burst. The issue now is when we will be able to cruise again. Linda
  7. Both are wonderful. What are the specific ports on each? Linda
  8. FINALLY! Refunds for the two cruises cancelled by Seabourn on May 6 were spread over multiple credit cards [beats me why], but as of this morning, all deposits have been refunded. So, about 80 days to be made whole. Seabourn still owes me about $9000 in extra expenses incurred as a result of the Australia debacle, but I am hopeful that will show up soon, although on which credit card I cannot predict. There is a not insignificant future cruise credit they are still trying to figure out, but eventually that should be posted to my account. I am looking at booking a Seabourn cruise for July/August 2021, and am willing to risk the reduced deposit required during the current sale and hope for the best. Thank you all for sharing in this very helpful thread started by JPH814, who really went above and beyond to develop a supportive community around this issue. Linda
  9. Finally got part of the refund for one of my two upcoming cruises that Seabourn cancelled May 6. However, when I spoke to Seabourn last week, they said all refunds were being processed as of July 9. I asked them about our FCC associated with being kicked off in Adelaide, and I got two different answers from two different reps. The first one said we had ~$3000 each on our accounts. The second one said there was a "c" by that amount, saying that meant the FCC was cancelled "because someone made a mistake" in calculating it, but could not offer an explanation of what the correct credit should be. And in addition, I got an email asking if I wanted a cash refund for the extra expenses associated with being ejected a week early in a different city or would we like 150% in FCC. Guess which one we picked Linda
  10. I got less than half of the compensation On the card I paid for the cruise on. And then the next portion a day later on a card I did NOT use to pay for that cruise. Go figure. so much for refunds processed in original form of payment... linda
  11. When I spoke to a supervisor about 2 weeks ago, she said withing two weeks I I would be getting a refund of a little more than $6400 for the 43% of the March 8 - March 22 Australia cruise we missed [6 out of 14 days] on account of having to disembark early in Adelaide and not end the cruise in Sydney as planned. NOTE: This side issue is not listed on the spread sheet Yes, I got something this weekend refunded to my Amex card, but it did take about 3 months to get the refund The credit on my Amex was for $2642.32, with the transaction annotated on the statement as follows: . Thank you for your stay CHECK-IN March 8, 2020 CHECK-OUT March 22, 2020 I have NO idea what the amount refunded represents. My travel agent will call them today and try to figure this out. Still waiting for the deposits to be refunded for the July and October cruises that were cancelled by Seabourn, as well as the acknowledgement for the extra expenses we incurred because of having to leave the ship early in Australia, which Seabourn said it would cover. We were told that for the 2 cancelled cruises, Seabourn would be refunding our future cruise deposits as well, but we would still be eligible for 5% off 2 future cruises. I love sailing on Seabourn, and looking forward to future adventures, but I am getting a little peeved here. Linda
  12. Just had a lovely chat with Christie, a Seabourn supervisor. Several issues were reviewed: The bulk of the money owed to us is from a cruise that was terminated a week early in Australia. At the time, we elected a cash refund plus 50% future cruise credit versus 175% future cruise credit. My agent has stayed on top of Seabourn and was told about a month ago that we had been approved for a refund of about $10,000. My agent called again yesterday and was told that we had elected the FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT OPTION. Seabourn is fixing this and the supervisor promised I will be getting a refund within 2 weeks and the future cruise credit will be noted on our club accounts. The future cruise credit percentage apparently does not include taxes or commission paid to a travel agent. The Seabourn agent who quoted the initial refund figure to my travel agent said we were being compensated for 5 days, whereas the letter given to us before we disembarked promised compensation for the 6 days we missed out of 14. The supervisor said that we were in fact being reimbursed for 6 days but that the figure the agent quoted was totally wrong. We were supposed to get a 43% refund; the Seabourn agent had given my agent a figure that amounted to a 67% refund until reality intruded. We were so excited. The supervisor said these issues had been "discussed" with their agent in depth. I asked about the reimbursement we were to be given for extra expenses related to the abrupt termination of the cruise. The supervisor said that was handled by a different department, but she would follow up. I asked about the refund for the two cruises I had booked that Seabourn cancelled. The supervisor said they are working on processing refunds voyage by voyage. She said they are getting much better at processing the refunds; in the beginning, they were overwhelmed. She said I would also be getting my future cruise deposits that were applied to both bookings refunded. I decided it was better to take back the $2000 [2x2] than bet I would ever get to use them again. Finally, the supervisor told me that people are "booking like crazy" 2021 and 2022 itineraries. That's the story. Linda
  13. I am also waiting to cancel business tickets I paid for R/T Vancouver and business tickets with miles to Athens. Waiting for United to waive change fees... linda
  14. I have also had no problem transferring a FCD from a cruise I cancelled to another cruise. linda
  15. Everybody please play nicely. JPH814 - thank you for compiling the list of who asked for what when and when they were reimbursed. It's helpful and gives one hope. I'm out only about $15,000, which is a lot, but not compared to what others are owed. BTW, I just tried to call Seabourn to see if a rather considerable FCC has been posted to my account, and they are no longer open on the weekends. New hours: 8:30-5:30 PDT. Linda
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