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  1. There was an expert on WW II as a lecturer. My husband was really looking forward to his lectures. Unfortunately, this WW II expert was a terrible speaker. His lectures were real “sleepers.” He pretty much read his lectures to his audience. Passengers complained that he read to them from his PowerPoint presentation...they were all able to read what was on the screen and didn’t need the presenter to read it to them! Some people have the knowledge of a subject but not the ability to present it in an entertaining manner to an audience. I really would like to see HAL invest more $$ in better speakers, especially for the World Cruise.
  2. To improve the World Cruise, I would suggest they hire much better speakers for their lectures. The speakers on the 2019 cruise were, for the most part, very boring (except for one who was excellent).
  3. Does anyone know the timeframe for the announcement of the 2021 Voyage of the Vikings itinerary?
  4. When will the Itinerary for the 2020 VoV be available?
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