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  1. Takeusawaynow

    Transportation from Le Pecq to Versailles

    Thanks everyone, The Rome2rio website is very helpful. I will find out how and where to purchase the bus ticket that is recommended. If that fails my husband and I will call the taxi. Nice to have a backup plan.
  2. We are leaving from Le Pecq on Oct 3, 2019 taking the Viking River Boat to Beaches of Normandy. We have one day on October 4, free to explore. We would like to go to Versailles. We will have been in Paris for 4 nights prior to this and will purchase the Paris Museum Pass. We will get the 6 day pass which will give us admittance to the palace therefore we only need transportation from Le Pecq to the Palace of Versailles ? Thank you for any suggestions/help
  3. No need to cruise now; after reading this I am sitting in a pool of tears. We will be on Allure next week. I am 62 and thought i might give the '"FlowRider" a try but fear breaking something. If I get the courage I will do it in honour of Camille. Thanks for sharing. Kudos to Rojda and the RC staff.
  4. Takeusawaynow

    Canadian cruisers!!

    Thanks for the quick response. I won't waste anymore time looking on the website for it. Good idea to bring the email confirmation. Happy sailing.
  5. Takeusawaynow

    Canadian cruisers!!

    After purchasing On Board Credit is there a way to see it on our "my cruises" page or Royal Caribbean sign in etc. ?? We did receive an email for confirmation of our purchase but I would like to see it on our account.
  6. Takeusawaynow

    Taxi and Wine Purchase

    Bob, thank you very much for the detailed information. That is exactly what we needed to know to make our trip smooth.
  7. We are two couples from Canada arriving in Fort Lauderdale. We would like to have a taxi to take us to the ship. Are there any stores to purchase our wine allotment along the way. Also do you know how much we should pay for the taxi.
  8. We will be on Allure with another couple Feb.14/16. Both couples enjoy a glass of wine before/during and sometimes after dinner. We rarely drink mixed/fancy beverages and find the alcohol package expensive. If anyone is sailing before our time it would be appreciated if you could let us know if the Wine only package is available.
  9. Takeusawaynow

    Questions for Salsa Salsa Margaritas

    Thanks, would anyone be able to recommend the excursion. We will be on Celebrity the week of Mar 9/14 and are considering this one.
  10. Takeusawaynow

    Questions for Salsa Salsa Margaritas

    Does anyone know where this is held? The excursion says 4 and a half hours. Is that just for the salsa making and dancing or does that time also include the beach time?
  11. Takeusawaynow

    wish to golf one day during Princess Golden cruise

    Thanks for your help. We have booked Kauai Lagoons Golf Club. We were told it would be approximately $10 for a cab ride. We will be renting their clubs. Our contact at the course was very friendly and helpful. We are really looking forward to the cruise and an opportunity to golf in Hawaii. "FORE"
  12. Will be on the Golden March 13, 2013. We would like to play golf one time during the cruise at any of the Ports. The only excursion we have booked is Pearl Harbor. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Takeusawaynow

    Hello from the Caribbean Princess Jan 16-30

    Wannacrusie365, how is the weather? We will be on the CB Feb13/11. What did you do in Aruba? Any other info will be appreciated.