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  1. We have sailed with Celebrity, Holland America, Princess and RCCL. All had their pluses and minuses. All in all, we liked each of them with our favorites being Holland America and Princess. we have heard many good things about Azamara from fellow cruisers and also on Reviews posted on Cruise Critic. We are two Seniors, ages late 70’s Early 80’s who enjoy quiet dinners, an occasional show and the not too rigorous land tours. my question: is it worth the higher price to cruise with Azamara — better staterooms, better food, more desirable land tours, better service — or should we stick to what we know? These two Seniors would appreciate any comments/suggestions you might have. Thank You Cambriah
  2. Hi all: We have taken many ocean cruises but river cruising is new to us. We enjoy mingling with fellow passengers, but there are times when we would prefer to have dinner by ourselves and discuss the day’s adventures alone . Is it possible to request a table for two on a river cruise line such as AMA Waterways or Viking, or is it all large tables (e.g. 4 or more ) and you find an available spot and enjoy your dinner? Your thoughts would be appreciated! Cambriah
  3. Will be going on a Princess Caribbean cruise in less than a month (YEA) and we received an invitation from Princess to participate in their Oceanmedallion Program. I know nothing about this program. Can someone out there give me a brief description of this program and whether or not it is worth the time/effort to participate? We are two Senior Seniors who are somewhat "Technically challenged". Thanks in advance! Cambriah
  4. Princess Cruises offers an On Board Credit to active military, retired military and disabled military veterans. All you need is a copy of your DD Form 214 discharge papers and you receive an OBC of between $50 and $250, depending on the length of the cruise. Does anyone know if RCCL offers a similar benefit?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Cambriah
  5. We have taken many Princess cruises but have always elected the early seating where you would dine with the same fellow cruisers every night. On our next Princess cruise in October, we have selected the "Anytime Dining option". Since we prefer to eat early -- 5:30/6:00 PM, -- are guests permitted to make reservations in advance before the cruise begins? I recall on Celebrity Cruise Line, you could make dinner reservations in advance for the entire cruise, on line, after the final payment was made. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cambriah
  6. Hi All: We have been on many ocean cruises over the last 20 years but we have never taken a Trans-Atlantic cruise. The cruise that we are considering --Southhampton to New York -- involves 5 straight days at sea. We are two Seniors and were wondering if the relatively large number of sea days would be boring? Any impression/opinions of a Trans-Atlantic voyage would be very much appreciated.
  7. Hi All We are two Seniors who have taken many ocean cruises ,and will be taking our first river cruise with AMA on The Prima in about a month. Any thoughts/suggestions regarding such things as dress code, tipping, land tours, dining, etc would be greatly appreciated. Over 80 and still loving the cruise experience. Thanks in advance! Cambriah
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