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  1. We had a pelican hook blow out once and left the boat dangling by only one cable. Fortunately the ship was alongside and no-one was on it.
  2. I remember reading that report at work once. We had a few good chuckles over it.
  3. I remember when I was being trained on lifeboats, they used alot of oil to start these things up because they sit unused for a while. They always spew out black smoke when you first start them up, so this makes sense. (course these weren't the partially enclosed lifeboats they use here so....) Plus the fact they were able to handle a fire this high up in the ship without any noticeable list happening. Kudos to them!
  4. Here's a close-up of the damage. Definitely started in a lifeboat.
  5. What's interesting is when I was investigating this. I was comparing hulls (portholes, lines protruding out, holes cut for the mooring deck, etc.) and the Leo is EXTREAMLY similar to the Seaside classes. Makes me think they're build on the same platform.
  6. Aren't these pictures of the the 4th MSC Seaside class (referred to as MSC Seaside EVO #2) and not the Leo?
  7. They were closed originally but in June were one of the first to allow full crew changes with a strict set of rules and requirements.
  8. 100% this ☝️☝️☝️☝️ That's why she's in Greece. Also why there's a lot of ships in Curacao, around the English Channel, and Singapore amongst others.
  9. Ships don't share electricity. Also why is the hotel director still o/b?
  10. Notice they're using "Carnival" in front of the name for this ship, unlike Mardi Gras.
  11. Also important to note that the Bahamas isn't an ECA (Emissions Controlled Area) so they're not running it through the scrubbers. [I see a certain someone on twitter is willfully ignoring that fact.]
  12. I agree with the above that staying on south beach is both overrated and just not that nice, even in a boutique hotel. I've always had great experiences at both JW Marriott's. The two W Hotels I tend to think are overrated and lost a bit of their flare.
  13. From a technical standpoint I think we should consider if she changed her IMO number or MMSI. (In this case no) That occurs when, like you said, there's significant structural changes to the vessel. Also Kelly Arison didn't really christen her. She 'renamed' her with a champagne salute which is hardly has any impact. From a business perspective, the free things they added, did save costs in other ways. The additional free venues alleviate passenger traffic from the typical busy areas, therefore they don't have to pay more to expand them etc. Over 90% of this guys posts I always have to ask myself that
  14. I didn't even think of that. Being a deckie I guess I always give the benefit of the doubt, but now in this job, there's some mind boggling things I've seen done on bridge's we've worked on.
  15. I just looked up in our AIS manual and there's no mention of status automatically changing or anything like that. Here's how we define NUC: "Vessel not under command means a vessel which through some exceptional circumstance is unable to maneuver as required by these Rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel." I would think during one of these 'outtages' they perhaps didn't have maneuverability as they were trying to either get another engine online or switching power supplies (but I think that's instantaneous.)
  16. Hoping you guys can help me with this one. I have to work onboard one of the ships this weekend but just for the day. Can anyone recommend an hourly parking site close by?
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