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  1. I haven't gotten off the ship in port for years so I'd be staying on anyway.
  2. The daily limit you can charge on your sign and sail for the casino is $5000 but you can fill those machines with any other cash you have handy...LOL. No limit to what you can put in!
  3. I had booked excursions online for a cruise and then boarded and decided not to do them. I canceled at Guest Services/excursion desk the first day. Charges were returned to my credit card by the time I got home from the cruise. With all the craziness these days I'd wait till I was on the ship to book anything.
  4. The calls come up on my ID as Carnival Cruise Lines.
  5. There's no simple answer. Casino hosts have told me you are rated more on time spent in the casino vs. the amt. you spend. I've won. I've lost. Every cruise was different. I haven't paid for a Carnival cruise, other than port charges and taxes for the last few years so however they are figuring it out is fine by me.
  6. I've never gotten a call or email where I would have had to pay for an upsell but I have gotten a call for free upgrades a few days before the cruise. I said YES Thank you very much!
  7. Explorer was one of my favorite RCL ships and I was on 3X back when the ice shows were fairly new so I'm sure they have changed since then as well as other things on the ship. I haven't been back on Explorer since Dec. 2007 but wouldn't hesitate to sail her again. Enjoy.
  8. The gift is that cruises are sailing! Seriously, no clue but in January 2020 I got a luggage tag.
  9. Human nature is truly baffling. No cruises for a year and a half and people are now moaning about how many times their cabin gets serviced. Last week it was the omission of foods on the menus. Gotta keep on laughing and hope my future cruises are with the "happy people."
  10. I've done OK The best I ever got was booking a balcony guarantee and got an Owner's Suite. Another time on a last minute cruise I booked an inside guarantee and got a regular balcony. Booked another balcony guarantee and got a regular one. mid ship deck 8 You never know!
  11. On my last cruise on Pride (1/2020) the cabin steward asked what I'd prefer and I told him whatever was easier for him. I just wanted the ice bucket full. He cleaned in the mornings and still did turndown in the evening and my ice bucket was always full and fresh all day long. I'm solo in the cabin and don't care when it's done. They could even skip a day!
  12. Yes, you can still use OBC in the casino
  13. OBC can be used for gratuities. I've done it on almost every cruise that I had OBC for.
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