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  1. Non alcohol drinks do not count towards your 15 drinks a day. Drink all the coffee and soda you want.
  2. It's one OBC per cruise. They don't stack them.
  3. The best Hump cabin I ever stayed in was 9078 on Radiance and Serenade. Would stay there every time
  4. I've been on Pride 7X since 2018 and did the 2 week Journey's cruise in January 2020. I would have been on more if the year had been normal. I rebooked a canceled cruise from May for April 2021 and more than likely would have been on this week. The size is perfect for me since I'm not a fan of the huge ships. The crew is the best ever and I really can't come up with anything negative other than the fact that I'll be disappointed when Pride leaves for Tampa. Baltimore is the easiest port ever and I can drive there but glad that Legend will replace the Pride.
  5. I didn't start cruising with Carnival until 2014 although I had 16 cruises before that since 1992. Since 2014 I've been on 15 Carnival cruises and have 113 days with them.. Not bad being more than halfway to Diamond in 6 years with Carnival...LOL
  6. HI Jeff WOW...it was fun to see this again. Can't believe it's been almost 6 years since I did this cruise too and notice a lot of changes as well. I really miss Splendor from NYC in winter but I've taken over Pride from Baltimore in the winter months...LOL Missing it all right now...Hoping for April 25th on Pride! Pam
  7. I've gotten phone calls for free upgrades a few days before sailing...
  8. Somewhere in time I got a PVP who called incessantly. I had booked my first Carnival cruise online so never used one initially. I learned that he had never even been on cruise so knew nothing of the questions I asked. Another friend worked as a PVP for Carnival (for a short time) and swore she'd only sail RCL...LOL Maybe some have had luck and are happy with booking this way but I do it myself. I don't see any value to having a PVP and for the most part, they don't have a clue about cruising. They're sales contractors.
  9. I've never asked for anything for free. I get a lot of perks and freebies through the casino and usually give them away to people I meet on the cruise...cooler bags, blankets, tumblers etc. First time cruisers love it and I'm happy to share. And I'm happy i don't have to haul it home! My days of collecting "stuff" are over....LOL
  10. I keep getting free cruise offers through Carnival's Casino Player's Club......free balcony, free drinks, cruise cash etc. Just pay port charges and taxes. The offers are great and I've done them before but it's a bit depressing when no one's going anywhere right now. I have one booked for April from a canceled cruise in May but until then, it's a waiting game....
  11. I have no choice but to wear a mask to go to stores for necessities. I'd never cruise if a mask was mandatory. Eating is mandatory, cruising is optional...LOL
  12. Undecided at the moment. I'm glad I did the 14 day Journey's on Pride in January. A great start to 2020. My May cruise was cancelled and I rebooked for next April. Cruising has changed so much since my first one in 1992 and a lot of the changes aren't to my liking but I do like the ease of a cruise when there's no flying involved. Just taking it one day at a time for now.
  13. I did Option 1 and rebooked myself. I did it the same day that Carnival had cancelled because I knew my comp offers were going to expire in about a week and they were good into late 2021. I'm a bit sorry that I didn't book later into 2021 because I'm not having positive thoughts that April cruises will take place. Hope I'm wrong...LOL
  14. My "comped" cruise for May was cancelled. I rebooked for next April which was an identical "comp"offer. I was able to transfer the fees and taxes over to the new cruise and my new one is now paid in full. I have the $600 OBC for rebooking plus another $200 that was part of the "comp" offer. It was quick and easy to take care of. Now, it's a waiting game to see if we ever cruise again...LOL
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