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  1. I mostly drink Coors Light. No waters, coffees, milkshakes etc. Unless I'm on a casino offer where drinks are included, I get Cheers. 6-7 beers a day and it pays for itself.
  2. I just want to get through 2020...LOL
  3. Seems everyone's issues are different. I rebooked my cancelled May cruise for next year. The cruise was paid in full since I had booked it a few days before everything was cancelled. ALL money was transferred to a new booking for next year. Since the offer and price were the same, I have a paid in full cruise for next year. No more money out of pocket and nothing owed. The $600 OBC was on my booking details the same day. It was quick and easy for me.
  4. Since a STAYCATION means staying home that's what I'm doing. It still remains to be seen what will be open nearby in the next few weeks as far as beaches and restaurants but I'm content to stay put and do nothing...LOL Hoping to cruise again in the winter!
  5. My casino offers make solo cruising affordable. Free cabin (Offers vary for inside. oceanview and balcony) Free drinks in the casino I pay Port charges and taxes only. I was on a 14 day Journey cruise in January for $323.00....not bad!
  6. My first Carnival cruise was a solo offer on Splendor from NY in Feb. 2014. $600 in a balcony cabin, 8 day cruise to Bahamas. At first I thought it had to be a mistake but it was true and I was glad I decided to try Carnival. I sailed on Splendor from NY five times that year, different itineraries, in the same cabin at the same price, except for the repo cruise to San Juan that October, I got that for $75.00 on a Pack and Go offer as a solo! 2014 was a good year for cruising. After that, Carnival stopped the winter sailings from NY and I never saw solo pricing like that again.
  7. Good casino offers Ease of meeting people when cruising solo Great crew
  8. I've never been on a cruise where the casino is closed on the last night. Quite the opposite. It's usually packed.
  9. I sail solo often and there are none that I know of.
  10. Welcome to cruising and Cruise Critic Everyone hopes that what they book will be where they go but even in normal times, anything can happen. I was booked for Bermuda last year which was three days in port and it wasn't until we boarded that we found out we weren't going due to a hurricane. Some people , mostly the ones who specifically booked for itinerary, went nuts carrying on like it was the Captain's fault and complained all through the cruise. We ended up in Grand Turk and Amber Cove and overall it was still fun. We got a future cruise credit but for some, that still wasn't enough. (LOL) Enjoy cruising, wherever it may take you!
  11. Except for decor, Pride is identical to the Legend although Pride has the Dive In outdoor movie screen and Legend doesn't. I've been on Pride 7 times in the last 2 years and have done all the itineraries it has to offer including the 14 Journey Cruise this past January. Because of the smaller size of the ship and the ability to drive to port (under 3 hours) it's become my "new favorite." Boarding is the easiest ever and parking is $105 for the week at the port. Crew is great and I've met great people while cruising (I usually sail solo). My May 24th sailing was cancelled last month but I've rebooked for next year. If sailing gets back to normal, I could very well be booking for October too...(LOL)
  12. Seeing some interpretations of "Elegant Night" can provide an entertaining evening of people watching...LOL
  13. I have to wear a mask to go shopping where I live. I have no choice. Cruising is a choice. If I have to wear a mask on a cruise, I'm not going. End of subject. No debate.
  14. Your cabin location on Pride is OK...Smoking on Deck 9 and 10 is all the way forward. You are aft.
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