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  1. I did the Journey's on Pride in 1/2020 and the menus were a bit varied over 14 days. They don't repeat the prior 7 days menu but the choices are pretty much the same. No complaints. I went to the Steakhouse twice. I think the first time was the first Tuesday (the night after the first elegant night) and can't remember what the other night was. It was my longest cruise too. Had a great time. I love the singing in the dining room! I know a few people going on your cruise too. I would have loved to go but it's not to be right now . Sing, dance and be merry! Have a wonderful time.
  2. Nice! I've been on Pride 7X and miss it since the last one was the Journey's in 1/2020. That gangway is a workout and I liked it better when it was broken and we went in the other way through the terminal and up the elevator. Glad to see they do have the printed Fun Times. Have a wonderful week. Enjoy every minute! Thanks for posting...
  3. It happens quite a bit with casino offers. They don't care as long as the cruise is paid for. If you pay for 2 and only 1 goes, they still get their money.
  4. The last boarding time for 9/26 is 5:30-6:00 since the Pride is currently leaving at 7:00 pm these days. There's a few people who booked this week last minute.
  5. I book my Carnival casino offers directly through Carnival since there isn't a TA that could get the prices I get for those. They just involve driving to the port, parking and getting on the ship. I'd probably book through a TA if I did multiple destinations, cruises and flights to places that were unfamiliar. In these times, I don't see that happening in the immediate future (lol)
  6. Yes, if it's a Sunday to Sunday cruise, it will be the same days. Thanksgiving will be a casual night.
  7. The Elegant nights on Pride are always on the Monday and Friday and according to those on this week, they haven't changed.
  8. No worries. The casino will be open at night.
  9. I can only answer for the casino. When docked in Bermuda the casino is open from 9PM-5AM
  10. The CD on Pride is Frank the Tank for September
  11. It was $600 per cabin so if you were sailing solo, you got it all. Now that you are sharing, you get $300 each. I have OBC for a future cruise and decided to stick with solo because I don't want to share..LOL
  12. Agree. It's nice to get the phone call but I'm happy with whatever I get. My recent offers are mostly balcony and free drinks anywhere so no complaints from me....(LOL)
  13. I sail casino comp offers all the time and have gotten phone calls to ask if I would be interested in a balcony instead of the inside/oceanview room that was assigned. The calls were 2 days before the cruise and it was a FREE upgrade. I said "YES" I haven't sailed since Jan. 2020 but my current offers are through Nov. 2024. I'm booked for 1/2023 on a Journey's but that comp cruise is already a balcony!
  14. The cruise is paid for. Mother does not need to be present for you to board. She will be a no show and no additional charges are incurred.
  15. I have plenty of words but they're not acceptable on a public forum...LOL
  16. Got a free casino offer a few years ago and ended up in 5333. It was good because it was close to the casino and in the early morning they had a continental type breakfast bar set up right outside the casino. It was perfect for me to grab a quick bite and coffee without going up to Lido and at night it was convenient after spending time at the casino bar and donating to the slots. I'd stay there again.
  17. I hope you go and have a good time. Show your ID for boarding and no one will even ask where your wife is...
  18. What some aren't understanding is that if the cruise is already paid for and one person doesn't show up, the solo traveler is paying full fare. If it's $100 per person, $200 for two and it's already paid, no one is going to be looking for you to pay more. It's already paid. And again, you don't need to board together. My sister and I travel from two different states and have never boarded together on casino offers or any offer.
  19. You can definitely go solo. A friend of mine did the same thing on a 2 week cruise. Her husband hates cruising anymore so she goes on his offers. People do not have to board together. She never told anyone that her husband wasn't with her and no one ever asked. The cruise is already paid for two people so they are getting the full fare with only one going.
  20. I did a closed loop cruise that included Martinique. You only needed a passport if you wanted to get off the ship there, not for the cruise itself.
  21. 7X on Pride since 2018. Love the smaller ships. Easy to get around. Great crew. Ken Byrne was a highlight in the MDR. David's was great. Pride was the one ship where I met the same passengers over and over again due to the good casino offers. One lady I met sailed twice a month since she lived 10 minutes from the port. I will miss her going to Tampa but looking forward to Legend.
  22. I've been jumping on these offers for the last 5 years and currently have some good through 2024. The best for the buck so far was the 14 day Journey in 1/2020 since it included DOU anywhere onboard and $500 casino cash( it was real $$$) in addition to the OBC deposit refund and it was a Premiere cruise. Only cost was tax and port charges. Everything I've booked since has been canceled but I have another Journey on Legend booked for 1/2023. Not rushing to book anything else right now. I'll wait till Baltimore and NY ports are back in full swing and "more normal."
  23. 7X on Pride. My favorite for some of the reasons others have stated. Never thought my 1/2020 Journey's would be my last cruise on Pride and any other ship for this long. I'll miss Pride from Baltimore but will get used to Legend. Prefer to sail without flying. Great ship. Great crew. Enjoy!
  24. Just asked a friend who did 4 B2B in 2018 and booked all 4 weeks at once and was in the same cabin for all of them. At the end of each week there was a letter advising what to do for the next leg. He turned Diamond on the second week but it was honored on Day one. He never called anyone. It was all booked online. On one of the weeks there was a small group that were staying on and they got off and back on together and had photos and champagne in the atrium. Wish I had such problems....LOL I booked a B2B once(16 day total) but had to cancel. One of these days it will be!
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