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  1. Same here. I lost my $50 OBC for switching to Premier. It was a only within a few days of making the changes, kept the same room..deck 7 balcony on Pride, no penalty to change and got $300 cash as Premier. All the additional perks were worth it too!
  2. I was one of the first to say they wouldn't let her go...Not a hater by any means... Very glad it worked out that she was able to go and hope she had a great trip.... I'm chillin....LOL
  3. Alaska and an Ocean Suite.........doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy. Alaska was my favorite cruise.
  4. Formal nights are the first sea day and the next to last night coming home. Just got back last week...
  5. A short cruise is a good way to find out. Took my brother on a 5 day Canada from NY since he had never cruised. He wants to go again and do a longer one! BTW, I grew up in Yonkers:D:D
  6. Don't worry..it won't be bad....just quick. You will have a good time!:):) I have done a few of the 5 day from NY....
  7. I cruise solo and always choose twin because once I did it I liked the extra room to move around. It will show Twin on my booking but the last two cruises the beds were set up as king when I boarded. I just left it that way...LOL
  8. Just came back from the Pride 7 day Baltimore to Bermuda last week. I don't think I'd want to do a shorter cruise there. It was 2 days down and 2 back and we were docked for 3 nights in King's Wharf. There is a 4 day from NY but that would be too quick for me...(and the cost is more than a 7 day)
  9. I'm not worried about Noro...never was, never will be. What will be, will be. Since I had surgery for nose and mouth cancer 3 years ago, I cannot drink without a straw. Since then, I carry my own when going anywhere...outings, friends homes, vacations etc. It will be just one more thing to pack if the cruiselines eliminate straws:D:D:D:D
  10. Guilty of being judgemental...LOL but I understand if you've never cruised, you wouldn't know BUT someone shoud have clued her in before now... Hope it works out!
  11. I've never had a bad cruise. Some were better (and more fun) than others but they were all good. As long as it was safe travels, it's always good!
  12. She is obviously oblivious....she's not going anywhere...
  13. And to add...I have never, ever, ever eaten at Lido. I'll grab a Guy's Burger or a sandwich at the Deli...that's it as far as buffet's for me...LOL
  14. OMG...I believe them all...Have seen them too over 27 years of cruising!
  15. Another legit drinker here. YES, Cheers is worth it!:D:D:D:D And I only drink Coor's Light!
  16. In March I was going on the Pride and I got a call 2 days before the cruise asking if I'd like to go from an inside to a balcony for FREE. Premium Balcony.....it was one of the best cabins I ever had! I get a lot of calls for upsells but this was my first FREEBIE....:D:D
  17. Lobster is alive and well on the Pride too! Just got back on Sunday and I have to say that it has definitely improved. Had it in the MDR once and also at the Steakhouse (surf and turf).
  18. Just off the Pride this Sunday My first Platinum gift was the fleece blanket in the drawstring bag...haven't opened it yet!
  19. My friend is a customs agents in St. Thomas and he said that the main concern is people bringing in commercial merchandise for re-sale. If you are bringing in items for personal consumption, they aren't going to make a big deal about it. Up until a few cruises ago the forms and luggage tags were in the cabin. I've never gone to a briefing and haven't turned the TV on either. Then again, I don't "shop" like I used to so I'm not bringing anything back that I have to worry about declaring...:D
  20. I think the first (of anything) is always the most memorable. My first cruise...26 years ago.. wasn't on Carnival but I remember every minute of it., including crying that I didn't want to go home. My Carnival experiences have been awesome as well...love them all!
  21. The strange thing is that on the last 3 cruises (within the last 8 weeks) there was no mention of anything about customs and declarations prior to debarkation. Someone who had never cruised would have no idea what's allowed or how much. I've been traveling to the Caribbean and cruising for 40 years so I know what the deal is. Going through customs in Baltimore, I was never asked what I bought.
  22. String trio was in Alchemy on Pride almost every night. I just came back on Sunday and they were there as well in March. Very nice alternative and talented young ladies
  23. Just off the Pride this past Sunday. Liquor purchases were delivered to the cabin around 5PM the night before we left
  24. Just got off the Pride on Sunday Cigarettes in the Fun Shops: Parliaments $46 a carton (reg. and 100's) Marlboro's $32..all types Pall Mall's $24..all types Casino Bar only had Marlboro's....$5.00 a pack Baltimore no longer has customs forms so there's no need to lie...LOL
  25. Another reason I wheel my own bag on...LOL
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